LaLiga Land

The official LaLigaLand Twitter account today announced that LaLiga’s Decentraland space has swung open its doors and welcomed all players to enjoy.

They’ve also promoted their Season Pass whitelist for 50% off so that players can make the most of their LaLiga Land experience.

What is LaLiga Land?

Together with StadioPlus, a Spanish digital firm that advises the sports sector, and Vegas City Limited, a business committed to building blockchain and metaverse experiences, the Spanish football league La Liga will create a project in the Decentraland Metaverse. 

LaLiga Land
The official announcement is in progress. Source: LaLiga Land

StadioPlus will make use of La Liga’s intellectual and industrial property rights as a result of this agreement. These rights will allow StadioPlus to create virtual land lots in the Decentraland region’s Vegas City neighborhood. 

LaLiga Land is a virtual reality theme park featuring the LaLiga league that offers a variety of entertainment options for fans of football and the web3 era. 

LaLiga Land is a place that can be found in the Vegas City neighborhood of Decentraland’s metaverse. This district is unique in that it is the biggest in all of Decentraland, making it one of the most enjoyable places to experience the metaverse. 

LaLiga Land
LaLiga Land has so many different things to do. Source: LaLiga Land

A location for football fans that caters to both the web3 audience and the more traditional public, the LaLiga virtual theme park was created with the intention of reaching all different types of audiences. As a result, the content will be produced for gamification, the sale of NFTs, as well as information about the LaLiga clubs and players.

What Buildings are in LaLiga Land?

The following structures are now present in LaLiga Land:

  • a Stadium, 
  • a Museum, 
  • a Welcome Zone, 
  • a Social Hub, 
  • a Press Room, 
  • and a Shop. 

There will be many dynamics in each of the structures that will be consistently updated to provide consumers with amusement.

When was LaLiga Land officially launched?

sorare and laliga partner
One more of Sorare’s many partnerships. Source: wesorare

On November 3, a presentation ceremony for LaLigaLand was held in the Gymage assembly hall on Madrid’s Gran Va. Numerous sports organizations, different media outlets, investors, and crypto experts all attended the event. 

Alfonso Verdugo, the Metaverse Director of StadioPlus, gave an introduction during the presentation and displayed sneak peeks of the most ambitious immersive project in Decentraland’s history through photographs and videos. a project that intends to unite all football fans and the web3 community by providing them with distinctive experiences. It also seeks to develop material for users on a regular basis. 

The event’s host then asked the CEO of StadioPlus, the CEO of Vegas City, and the Creative Director of Decentraland a series of questions to further explain the LaLigaLand initiative.

Decentraland environment
Decentraland is a digital social environment powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Source: CryptoPotato

What is StadioPlus?

“The connection between the sports sector and the future,” claims StadioPlus. It seeks to transform sports and eSports in a cutting-edge fashion that benefits all participants in the sector. connecting them to the Metaverse and NFTs.

What is Vegas City in Decentraland?

The main casino area in Decentraland is called Vegas City. It offers prestigious properties, thrilling locations, and in-world assets. 

Decentraland is a platform where people and companies can make 3D applications and content that can be paid for and used in virtual reality. 

The company predicts that people will spend a lot of time in the virtual world in the future, and they think Vegas City has all the makings of the next major social network. 

Decentraland does it best. Source: Vizaca

Users of the platform Vegas City can engage in social interaction, take part in concerts and art exhibits, and create galleries and casinos on their virtual lots. The brand-new Vegas City Arts Village zone has over 85 fantastic galleries set up. 

Even though they aren’t physically present, friends from all over the world get together for events and experience a sense of community.

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What Other Decentraland Projects Should You Look Out For?

Cointelegraph gives a detailed look into the Norwegian government’s Brnnysund Register Center joined forces with Big Four accounting giant Ernst & Young (EY) to build a new virtual office space in the metaverse. 

Virtual Event In Decentraland
Here is what the Decentraland gameplay looks like. Image source: Decentraland

Along with maintaining the systems for the government’s electronic information exchange, the center is in charge of handling a number of public registers for Norway. 

The agency has decided to establish a metaverse location, according to the release, because it wants to interact with the younger generation that uses its services and because “future users of public services are there.” 

The virtual office intends to provide customers with information on cryptocurrency reporting through the Norwegian Tax Agency and advice on how to launch a business from professionals at the Brnnysund Registers. 

According to Andreas Hamnes, a business developer at the Brnnysund Registers, the continued development of services will make younger generations who were “born digital” feel much less alienated. 

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Are Players Still Using Decentraland? 

According to early reports, the metaverse network only had about 40 different active wallets. The data’s original source, DappRadar, as well as Decentraland both updated these figures. 

Developers and investors in the metaverse expressed their conviction that the metaverse will continue to play a significant role. Especially in the development of the internet in the weeks following the announcement. 

According to DappRadar’s Q3 report, blockchain games and metaverse projects raised a total of $1.3 billion during that particular quarter. The International Criminal Police Organization entered the metaverse at the same moment and established its own metaverse law enforcement.


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