Axie Plantravaganza Event

The official Axie Infinity Twitter account today announced the start of the Plantravaganza event!

The Plantravaganza event starts today, November 24th 2022 up until December 5th 2022 – so get playing before you miss out!

The Axie Infinity team outlined more details about the contest in an extended blog post filled with plant-related puns in their The Lunacian newsletter, with such jokes as:

“It’s party thyme! Let’s drop the beet and get straight to the root of it: It’s the Plantstravaganza event! Thistle be a contest to remember as it’s all about the most populated Axie in the Axie Universe: the Plant! Earn Contest Points from various missions such as Buy, Release, and Win with Plant Axies. We hope this will be an unbeleafable event!”


What are the Plantravaganza Milestones?

Axie Plantravaganza Event
Missions to keep you and your Axies occupied. Source Axie Infinity

As I’m sure most of you already know, Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based play-to-earn game where players breed, collect, and interact with virtual pets called Axies in order to gain rewards. It is based on Ronin, an Ethereum-based side-chain created by Sky Mavis, a gaming studio with offices in Vietnam. 

In 2021, the project burst into the Play to Earn gaming sector. Additionally, the group is creating a virtual country where everyone from the community can congregate to play, work, and live in Lunacia.

In the Plantstravaganza event for Axie Infinity, there are ton of milestones to smash through. We’ve listed them below:


  • Milestone 1 – Requirement: 5 Contest Points, receive 100 Moon Shards
  • Milestone 2 – Requirement: 50 Contest Points, receive 150 Moon Shards
  • Milestone 3 – Requirement: 150 Contest Points, receive 200 Moon Shards
  • Milestone 4 – Requirement: 300 Contest Points, receive 250 Moon Shards
  • Milestone 5 – Requirement: 600 Contest Points, receive 300 Moon Shards
  • Milestone 6 – Requirement: 1000 Contest Points, receive 400 Moon Shards, 1 Plantstravaganza Avatar
  • Milestone 7 – Requirement: 1500 Contest Points, receive 500 Moon Shards
  • Milestone 8 – Requirement: 2000 Contest Points, receive 1,000 Moon Shards, 1 Olek Cheers Sticker


What are the Plantstravaganza Missions?

Axie contest
Players can participate in Origins Contests to earn more points and secure top spots in the leaderboard. Image Source: Axie Substack

There are a host of new missions to complete throughout the event, including:


  • Win an Arena Battle in Origins – Completions: 0/∞ – 1 pts
  • Win an Arena Battle in Origins with at least one Plant Axie – Completions: 0/150 – 2 pts
  • Win an Arena Battle in Origins with exactly three Plant Axies – Completions: 0/150 – 6 pts
  • Craft any rune – Completions: 0/5 – 10 pts
  • Craft a Plant Rune – Completions: 0/5 – 50 pts
  • Craft any charm – Completions: 0/10 – 5 pts
  • Craft a Plant charm – Completions: 0/10 – 25 pts
  • Buy any Axie – Completions: 0/1 – 100 pts
  • Buy a Plant Axie – Completions: 0/5 – 200 pts
  • Release any Axie – Completions: 0/1 – 250 pts
  • Release a Plant Axie – Completions: 0/10 – 500 pts
  • BONUS: Win an Arena Battle in Origins with any Japanese, Christmas, Summer, or Shiny Plant Axie – Completions: 0/1 – 250 pts
  • BONUS: Win an Arena Battle in Origins with any Origin Plant Axie – Completions: 0/1 – 500 pts


What Plantstravaganza Stickers and Avatars are available?

Axie Plantravaganza Event
These Axie stickers will stick in your mind! Source: Axie Infinity

There are a total of 5 stickers and avatars available for completing the missions in this event, all as cute as the next!


Going Back to Axie Infinity’s Roots?

Origin Axies
Who can resist the cuteness? Source: Play To Earn

According to BSC News, Axie Infinity Co-Founder Jeff Zirlin stated that Origins needs many improvements and that the community will play a significant role in making those improvements on the first conference day of the Philippine Web3 Festival on November 15.  Improved matchmaking, return mechanics, more distinct class archetypes, and a new energy burst mechanic are a few of these. 

Additionally, Zirlin reintroduced a notion that will restore the ecosystem’s foundations. He mentioned how he was fascinated by the concept of an interactive virtual pet when he first came across Axie as a community member.

Namely, Axie’s pet ownership component has been somewhat lost over the years as the team behind it has expanded the ecosystem. He views Axie as a collectible game rather than a battle game with collectible pets as its main feature, something akin to a Tamagochi from the future.

Among the suggestions Zirlin made to bring attention back to the Axies were:

  • the use of accessories,
  • part upgrades,
  • breeding contests,
  • Axie profile pictures,
  • and Axie rearing through feeding or petting.

Zirlin seeks to refocus the entire ecosystem so that the emotional experience of owning an Axie is given the attention it deserves.

He used the illustration of real-world show dogs that people breed and participate in competitions. Although there is a chance that a dog competing in a dog show will take home a prize, people don’t get upset with the dog if it doesn’t because the dog still brings its owner comfort and joy because of the bond they share.

Learn more about Axie’s new direction in our new post, The Roots of Axie Infinity: Developing an Attachment.


What Axie Origins eSports Tournaments Have Been Held Recently?

Axie Plantravaganza Event
Taking home the big bucks. Source: BSC News

Manila played host to the MMG Axie Master’s League and the Axie Open Manila 2022, two distinct Axie Origins ESports competitions. Each tournament lasted two days and had distinct guidelines, settings, and team lineups from the other.

The first competition was run by YGG as a recognised off-site event for the PH Web3 Festival. The top 16 players advanced to the playoffs the following day after seven rounds of Swiss matches were played on the first day. Most of the qualifying teams were made up of Plant Bug Rage teams. 

The QU3ST teammates Zaratustra, who had defeated the top seed going into the playoffs, and SpamAndRice, a regular at Axie Infinity competitions, faced off in the finals. After sweeping Zaratustra 4 games to 0 to win the championship, Spam finally took home the trophy.

A production level comparable to that of major ESports tournaments was used to stream the second tournament online. The reverse king-of-the-hill team format, used in the MMG-organized Axie Master’s League, determines which team advances: the first to win with all three team members. 

The METAT8 Ninjas needed to win by defeating QU3ST in two matches in order to advance to the championship round after losing to them in the upper bracket’s final match. In defeating QU3ST, a team that had just dropped a game before the finals, METAT8 Ninjas accomplished exactly that. The METAT8 Ninjas prevailed 3-2 in the first game of the match before sweeping the second game 3-0 to win the title.


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