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Players of Axie Infinity can begin 2023 on-trend owing to the most recent accessory update! The most expensive assets can now be traded using the specialized marketplace, App.axie. You can become Lunacia’s best-dressed axie thanks to the new Axie Infinity Accessories!

How Can You Use the New Accessories Update for Axie Infinity?

The new accessories for Axie Infinity are unquestionably an essential update for 2023. Players can utilize the advanced functionality to give their axies personality while advancing the game’s economy. The Christmas Event on Axie Infinity, where players could gather festive in-game products, is when the craze first began.

The App.axie marketplace will now allow players to trade their accessories as of this month. The items will appear as Charms or Runes but are actually ERC-721 tokens. Keep in mind that using the “Equip” feature on the App.axie inventory, only a single axie can wear a specific accessory at once.

According to the Axie Infinity team, accessories play a crucial role in strengthening the emotional bond between you and your axies. The #AxieLookBook contest is ideal for you if you’re prepared to flaunt your fashionable axie!

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Axie Infinity Accessories

Axies are extremely important in the game Axie Infinity. Most gamers form close relationships with these creatures. These accessories are being made available as part of the game’s mission to strengthen the power of customization. Avatar changes will also go beyond simply swapping out a few body parts.

Users can now change their avatars into characters who cannot be seen at all. Customization will become perpetual, very much like gameplay. These recently added items come in 20 different varieties, with each having a different level of rarity.

The introduction of Axie Infinity Accessories marks a historical turning point for the Axie Infinity ecosystem. This is because users can now express themselves more fully through their preferred avatars.

Axies were to be released between December 20, 2022, and January 3, 2023 for players to receive an accessory. The user will receive a piece of clothing for every avatar they release. Users are implied to receive 100 accessories if they release 100 Axies. The Lunacian economy will recover thanks to this strategy.

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Axie Infinity, one of the biggest P2E games. Image Credit: Shrimpy Academy

The #AxieLookBook Competition

This competition was the ideal way to start 2023 because it offers great prizes and a way to be part of an exciting community. Requirements were to post a picture of your axie dressed in accessories to Twitter in order to participate in the thrilling challenge offered by Axie Infinity.

You needed to mention your axie’s Ronin address as well as ID in your description, along with the hashtag #AxieLookBook. You were also to describe how you came up with the way you styled your axie.

The Axie Infinity team was accepting as many entries as possible, provided that you own the axie and any listed accessories. The contest was open until January 10 at 2 AM Eastern Time. From Sky Mavis’ collection of accessories, the top five winners may choose an ID accessory! AXS will be given to the winners in positions six through fifty. 

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