League of Kingdoms, a popular MMORTS P2E game, has just announced a break from its popular CVC contests. They’ll resume the contests again on the 6th of June, four weeks following the last CVC. The pause will allow the developers time to fix bugs and improve game performance. Some of these issues relate to minor bugs and fixes and hacking and scripting, which has been a significant issue for League of Kingdoms.

Many of the above terms may sound strange, but we’ll be breaking them down. An MMORTS game is a regular MMO game, but it also consists of Real-Time Strategy. It requires actively participating in battles and strategically planning your moves against the enemy. Moreover, the game regularly has CVC contests – but what are they?

League of kingdoms land presale
League of kingdoms land presale

LoK Background & CVC Mode

CVC is short for Continent vs. Continent, and it’s a battle mode in League of Kingdoms. The method consists of several continents fighting against each other to capture the “The ancient Mausoleum finally,” also known as “The ancient Temple,” the ultimate goal. Fighting continues for four weeks between the continents to regain control over this final destination. Keep in mind that this mode isn’t for rookie players. You’ll need a Kingdom level of 20 and above to participate.

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Players must travel through several fortresses and gateways to get to the Temple. In total, there will be eight different continents fighting against each other. All continents are on the far ends of the map. During the battle, you’ll also encounter monsters you’ll have to battle. Players will receive handsome prizes after conquering any of these feats, including monsters, fortresses, gateways, and the ancient Temple.

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