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With a rapidly growing list of P2E games in the industry, the saturation rates are higher than ever. New companies constantly appear as developers look to make the next big thing in the metaverse space. However, many have tried to beat the market but have failed. The same old, terrible gameplay mechanics with an earning model keeps showing up without much user count. However, today we might have something different on our hands – the Mad Metaverse.

Mad Metaverse is an upcoming P2E game that focuses on the creation of assets that are evergrowing in rarity. The gameplay seems multi-dimensional, with plenty of different features and aspects involved in the game. The game hasn’t come out just yet, but it is built on the Ethereum blockchain, as it looks to solidify all of its foundations.

In this article, we’ll go over the general mechanics of the game, the earning opportunities provided, and whether or not it’s worth the wait. Keep reading below!

Mad Metaverse – What is it?

The Mad Metaverse is a vast world consisting of multi-faceted gameplay, with many different pillars to try out. The game divides into the Metascientists, the Metacells, and the Nanocells. These three sections have their own gameplay mechanics, as they are linked but separate entities. It’s up to the user which area they prefer to explore. Let’s talk about each section in a bit more detail.


The Metascientists will be the first and the rarest NFTs in the game. Only 10,200 of these Metascientists are coming, and they’ll be available for mint somewhere around Q3 of this year. You’ll also be able to get your hands on them from the secondary market, being OpenSea.

Metascientist Walking
Metascientist Walking in Mad Metaverse – Source:

Owning 10,200 Metascientists will allow you access to your own Lab in the game. Here, you can carry out various scientific experiments, develop new species, and grow your character. The NFT is an evergrowing specimen that will evolve with time, with an avatar representation.

You’ll also be able to roam around in the Mad Metaverse, exploring the various planets that are a part of the game. You can also search for $BIOMETA, but we’ll talk more about that in a bit. How your Metascientist evolves and grows is all up to your decisions, making each scientist unique.

The attributes of a Metascientist

  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Sociology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
Each attribute contains a set of milestones or levels that the player can reach. To begin with these skills are randomized. Some scientists will have exceptional skills in certain scientific branches and exceptional levels of competency in other areas
Mad Metaverse Metascientist Stats
Mad Metaverse Metascientist Stats – Source: Mad Metaverse Whitepaper


The second type of playable NFT in the game is Metacells, as these will be creatable by Metascientists too. These Metacells will have gameplay utterly different from the scientists. These Metacells will also be able to split to turn into Nanocells. Moreover, you can roam around freely with these cells and evolve them over time. Below are how a Metacell interacts in the game:

Mad Metaverse Metacells Info
Mad Metaverse Metacells Info – Source: Whitepaper


Nanocells are the last of the three playable creatures in the game – again, with their abilities. These Nanocells have unique attributes and can grow into sentient beings with their personality traits. Here’s a list of all characteristics of Nanocells in the Mad Metaverse:

Mad Metaverse Nanocells Attributes
Mad Metaverse Nanocells Attributes – Source: Whitepaper

You also get access to a full PvP game mode with Nanocells, as you can fight other players. The cells will fight each other in a top-down view in the game. The winner out of the two will get rewarded with $BIOMETA. Moreover, each spawned Nanocell will receive five attributes at the start, which players can assign to the different qualities.


The $BIOMETA token is the main currency in the Mad Metaverse and has multiple uses defined by the game. Metascientists use the token to evolve and create Metacells. They can also roam around the vast world of the game and gather $BIOMETA as well. Moreover, the Nano Wars PvP mode also rewards players with a token. All in all, it’s the primary token that helps the game’s economy to survive. It appears on the ERC-20 network.

The importance of this energy source is highlighted in a MAD Metascientist’s ultimate goal to push the boundaries of knowledge and creation – the only way to do this is to source and harvest more BIOMETA. This hunger naturally passes to the MAD Metacells and in turn to the Nanocells, whose sole purpose is to battle to find more BIOMETA. This creates a constant necessity for BIOMETA throughout entire gameplay.

MadMetaverse Website
MadMetaverse Website – Source:

Play to Earn Opportunities

There are plenty of earning opportunities for players in each game section. You can have plenty of earning options in being a Metascientist, Metacell, or Nanocell. These earning methods are different, but all three creatures share some. The game’s dev team has all of the information laid out in the whitepaper, with specifics for each creature:

MAD Metascientists P2E opportunities
  • Grow the value of your MAD Metascientist
  • Become a MAD Metascientist by learning new skills
  • Rent out lab features and sell enhancements made by MAD Metascientist
  • Build MAD Metaverse items & create new dimensions
  • Evolve a MAD Metacell and earn MAD Metafuel commissions from Metacells
  • Create MAD Nanocells and earn MAD Metafuel commissions from Nanocells
  • Battle with MAD Nanocells, earn MAD Metafuel
  • Trade and sell your MAD Metascientist, MetaCell or NanoCells
  • MAD Metacell splits and airdrops
  • Earn MAD Token ($BIOMETA)
MetaCell P2E opportunities
  • Grow the value of your MAD Metacell through evolutions
  • Harvest and store MAD Metafuel
  • Terraform new dimensions through harvesting Metafuel
  • Create MAD Metacell tooling
  • MAD Metacell splits and airdrops
  • MAD Metacell priority launchpads
  • Create MAD Nanocells and earn MAD Metafuel commissions from MAD Nanocells
  • Trade and sell your MAD Metacell or MAD Nanocells
  • Earn MAD Token ($BIOMETA)
NanoCell P2E opportunities
  • Grow the skills and value of your MAD Nanocell through upgrades
  • MAD Nanocell battles (Nano Wars)
  • Harvest and store MAD Metafuel
  • MAD Nanocell Hacks
  • Enhance MAD Metaverse items
  • Enhance MAD Metaverse terraforming
  • Earn MAD Token ($BIOMETA)
Mad Metaverse Play to Earn
Mad Metaverse Play to Earn – Source: Whitepaper


The factor that probably sets Mad Metaverse apart from its competitors is its team. Apart from just the team members, the game has partnerships with multiple big-name developers. The first that comes to mind is Kevuru Games – the studio behind Fortnite. Moreover, they also have partnerships with studios like EA, Disney, and Ubisoft to ensure only the best in the industry.

What’s to Come?

Q3 of 2022 is a big part of the journey for Mad Metaverse, as this is when many of the project’s core elements are due for release. The Lab will launch in Q3, and the Field will be the marketplace for Mad Metaverse. Moreover, the team will airdrop $BIOMETA to multiple selected users. There’s a lot to come in Q3 of 2022, so keep your eyes peeled!

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