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Sorare, the card-trading sports game, has introduced a market fee for sellers on the Manager Sales Marketplace. This is inclusive of all taxes, including VAT. So, let’s find out more about this news. 

What is Sorare? 

Sorare is a sports NFT card-trading game. Players can collect, play, and win officially licensed digital NFT cards featuring some of the world’s most prestigious football, NBA, and MLB players. 

Sorare is a play-to-earn game, and players can use their NFT cards in weekly competitions based on players’ real statistics. If players win, they can win new cards and prizes of ETH, the game’s Ethereum-based cryptocurrency.

The game is pretty popular, with players from almost every football club in the top leagues. The game introduces new sports to the game, with the most recent being NBA. 

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What is Manager Sales Marketplace on Sorare? 

The Manager Sales Marketplace is a place where you can get acquainted with your team. You can manage your team in the marketplace, with a marketplace with two different areas, including new card auctions and manager sales. Manager sales are where you can buy players from other managers and line up their players. 

Manager Sales Market Fees Come to Sorare MLB and NBA

On Monday, November 7th, sellers on the Manager Sales Marketplace will see a 5% market fee that is inclusive of taxes and potentially VAT. This fee will be across all transactions on NBA and MLB Cards.

The 5% fee applies when a card is sold on the Manager Sales Marketplace and for Direct Offers, including Ethereum’s currency, ETH.

For instance, if you have listed a card and you sell it for $100, you shall receive a net of $95. Before this update, Sorare covered the Manager Sales Marketplace fee. Although, Sorare will still cover this fee for Sorare: Football, just not for NBA and MLB. 

Market fees are standard within the play-to-earn gaming industry, especially in NFT-trading games. Sorare plans to continue to ensure its product offering and fee structure can create the best overall experience for Sorare Managers. 

Now this news has arisen, the game’s terms and conditions have also been updated to reflect this market fee. 

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Potential Reasons

Market fees are necessary for in-game trading and NFTs, hence why it has to be paid by some party. It’s interesting to note that Sorare previously covered the cost of all market fees but is now asking for NBA and MLB to be paid by buyers themselves. There are a few possible reasons for this. 

Of course, with a bear market, things are getting tough for a lot of people. This includes game developers, too. With such a niche in the sports NFT-trading world, MLB and NBA managers may be asked to pay their fees simply because the market is getting difficult.

Market fees are necessary to keep NFT platforms trading and developers, creators, and players going. So, this could be a reason. 

Also, it could be a case of the licenses involved with MLB and NBA and obtaining the NFT content. The most likely reason is that Sorare is attempting to test the waters before introducing a fee for Sorare: Football, its most popular game. By introducing a market fee for NBA and MLB, we can see if players are happy or not.

What is Sorare: NBA?

Sorare: NBA is a NFT-based NBA fantasy basketball card-trading game. The game is, of course, part of the game but just features a new sport and card collection. The game is a big and important addition to Sorare’s lineup, which previously included Sorare: Football and Sorare: MLB. 

Sorare: NBA is a free-to-play NFT card-trading game with a wealth of fun opportunities. Collect officially licensed NBA player NFT cars, and build your ultimate lineup. You can enter your dream team into a variety of competitions for the chance to win more cards or ETH. 

You can play Sorare: NBA by entering one of the two competition types within the game. This includes contenders and champions. Both of these competitions work by using a points cap, and they require a five-player lineup.

Sorare launches beta for NFT-based NBA fantasy sports game | VentureBeat
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Each NFT card has a points value associated with the player, and this is called the ten-game average. This average is what counts against the overall points cap in an NBA competition. Enter these competitions any weekday for a chance to win great prizes. 

What is Sorare: MLB?

Sorare: MLB stands for Major League Baseball, featuring player cards from the Major League. You can collect your favorite baseball players with NFT cards of a different scarcity and play to earn cards and crypto. 

Similar to NBA, build your dream lineup and score points based on the success of real-life players. Your NFT cards will earn XP when you win or complete a tournament using them, building their value and power. There are over 5,000 limited, 1,000 rare, and 100 super rare NFT cards to earn with MLB.

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