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Sci-Fi movies like Ready Player One have given humanity a look into the future. A future where we can live in a world of endless possibilities from a room. The limitless opportunities of the virtual world never seem to end. Now it’s football going into the metaverse with the English side, Manchester City leading the charge.

The seven-time EPL title winner has led the way in the digital virtual world by anouncing the creation of a replica of the Etihad Stadium in partnership with Sony. The project will make the Etihad Stadium the central hub of the club in the metaverse.

Manchester City in the metaverse

Meanwhile, Manchester City has teased their fans about delving into exploring areas of huge public interest, the METAVERSE. With the project, City fans from around the metaverse can watch their game right from the comfort of their homes.

Even with the COVID-19 restrictions, fans don’t ever need to go to Manchester to see their fav team and players in action. Therefore, we can see Manchester City fill up a whole virtual stadium.

It doesn’t look like the Premier League Champions are stopping anytime soon with their aspirations. In fact, it’s safe to say they’re here to stay with their metaverse ambition. The club has put out job posting for Strategy and Venture Team that can help the club expand and enhance its metaverse dream.

Manchester City In The Metaverse

Football is the most popular sport worldwide, with more than 3.5 billion fans. Meanwhile, Manchester City can be the key to unlocking the untapped glory of the combo of football and metaverse. With this, City’s Etihad Stadium will be the first football stadium in the metaverse thanks to Sony, the VR pioneers.

The project will feature innovative and advanced imaging technology from Sony. Therefore, we can expect a mind-blowing unique experience. The project’s tech will be handled via Sony Hawk Eye’s image analysis and skeletal-tracking technologies.

Manchester City and Sony Entertainment

Sony’s Hawk-Eye has always been a great tool for enhancing football viewing and aiding officiating. Its visualization tech has been instrumental in helping football officials make an accurate real-time decisions with advanced replay technology.

Although the club is on a three-year deal that will expire in 2024 with Sony, a lifelong relationship can be a product of this project. Meanwhile, Sony’s officials have already done a digital mapping of the Stadium in preparation for its reconstruction in the metaverse.

Football And The Digital World

It is beautiful to see Manchester City going out of the ordinary to please its fans globally while enhancing their fanbase. Meanwhile, other English teams are showing their interest in enhancing football experiences with the virtual world.

Manchester United FC and Tezos

Liverpool is looking to follow City’s suite into Web3 and Metaverse. Also, Manchester United has announced a new Web3 focused partnership with Tezos. The open-source blockchain will be the team’s official crypto partner while they look to dive into digital merchandise development.

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