Ookeenga NFT Game
Ookeenga NFT game is a 3D project built on the Binance Smart Chain. With breathtaking graphics and addictive gameplay, Ookeenga is ready to create an immersive play-to-earn experience.
In the distant past, shrouded in myth and legend, the Sun and the Moon came together above the Sacred Forest. Both spawned insect life beyond counting and imagination. However, consumed by fury and jealousy of their creations, the Sun unleashed a deadly smog across the Land to destroy his children. The Moon, in her mercy, tore herself into pieces to form the Source Tree, to protect her children from this dark cloud — a cloud called Ookeenga!
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PlayToEarnDiary is pleased to announce the release of Ookeenga, a new P2E game with interesting collectible card features. Ookeenga will be built on the flexible and visually stunning Unity game engine. Also, the game leverages the Binance Smart Chain to ensure security and transparency in transactions. It will be developed by CROS Game Studio and published by Spores, a specialist GameFi & Metaverse title publisher.

Ookeenga NFT Gameplay

Some insects in the Forest were altered by unpredictable interaction between the lethal Smog and energies of the Source Tree. Vestigial appendages and organs shriveled away as these insects became stronger. Furthermore, they gained the ability to stand upright, speak, and have quick intelligence.
Ookeenga Binance Game
Then came tool-making and the domestication of less-evolved insects for use as animals of burden. Followed by the formation of tribes and civilizations, with religious scripture and mythologies.
The forest consists of different insect tribes, namely;
  • The Antuk with their vast legions and valour;
  • The winged Montak moths;
  • The warlike and ferocious Mantah;
  • The stubborn, lumbering Muu with their terrifying natural armour; and
  • The intelligent and lithe Krakee who roam freely among the other tribes.

Ookeenga Hero NFTs

Hero NFTs will be characters from one of these tribes, and each Hero will specialize in one of five classes:
  • Tank,
  • Ranged,
  • Mage,
  • Melee, or
  • Aerial.

Ookeenga hero nfts

Each class gives unique play styles, strategies, and strengths and weaknesses to synergize. Each Hero NFT asset will also have several unique and varying rarity body parts, including their head, antennae, eyes, wings, and limbs. These body component combinations will affect the Hero’s stats, abilities, and skills. Ookeenga has both PvP and PvE game modes, with gameplay inspired by RTS and Tower Defense titles.
In addition, players will be able to breed new Hero NFTs from existing pairings of Heroes. Using specific characters in breeding more will often increase the time required before the new Hero is ready for battle, and the cost in $KAB. Also, new Heroes will inherit some desirable features from their parents and several other generated traits.
Aside from Heroes, NFTs representing weapons that Heroes can use to improve their combat abilities will be available. Lands that players can hold and develop to generate passive income or host Dungeons and other activities for the Ookeenga community.

Ookeenga NFT Game Tokenomics

Ookeenga has a dual-token tokenomics paradigm, namely;
  • $OKG
  • $KAB
Firstly, $OKG functions as a limited-supply BEP-20 compliant governance token used to buy and sell NFTs of items, characters, and other assets. $OKG will also be required to unlock several of Ookeenga’s most intriguing in-game features, such as breeding new NFTs and improving things. $OKG represents a stake/investment in Ookeenga’s ever-expanding and dynamic environment and ecology.
Ookeenga P2E game. Source: Ookeenga.io
Meanwhile, $KAB will be a limited-supply utility token that may be exchanged for $OKG at predetermined exchange rates. $KAB will be required to breed new heroes, improve items, construct equipment, and execute other in-game jobs and activities in the realm of Ookeenga.

Ookeenga Dev. Team & Partners

CROS Gaming Studio is a team of over 30 professionals and more than ten years of experience in producing and outsourcing game products for platforms such as PC, console, and mobile.
The team entered the GameFi market in 2021 and has participated in several NFT Game projects of community interest, such as STEP HERO, ECHO, MECH MASTER, and others.
Ookeenga Game
With a strategic relationship with Spores, a firm with many years of establishing and growing the blockchain ecosystem, CROS Game Studio has established the Ookeenga project to commemorate its first step into our own self-development NFT project.

What The Future Holds For Ookenga NFT Game

Ookeenga is an incredibly exciting project that the team at PathDAO are really looking forward to seeing more from soon.
With game Alpha beginning in Q2 2022 and launching soon after. A detailed roadmap is next, with consistent content updates leading into H2 2023. We wish the team at CROS Game Studios all the best as they take us on an exploration of the Sacred Forest!
Finally, Ookeenga launches for Web Browsers, PC, iOS, and Android devices in Q3 2022.

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