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During the Seedify Launchpad on June 27th, we’ll learn more about the Menzy platform and its future IGO.

It is hard to dispute the importance of technology in the progress of humankind. When we use technology, we may do things that were unimaginable before, such as sending a person to the moon or improving communication and food production.

Despite the obvious beneficial consequences and difficulties brought on by technological advancement, there are also obvious negative repercussions.

Menzy is a new move-to-earn app. Source: Coin Market Bag

In our technologically advanced culture, one of the biggest problems is that people are becoming increasingly sedentary in their daily lives. From a young age, video games, computers, and other electronic gadgets have transformed how we participate in both work and play by reducing our physical activity.

From heart disease to diabetes to cancer, an inactive lifestyle may lead to various health problems. The use of blockchain technology and move-to-earn can help.


The move-to-earn mechanism is one of the most recent additions to the blockchain ecosystem. Play-to-earn is a subset of this. Move-to-earn is a blockchain-based platform that rewards users for participating in live sporting activities like jogging and running.

Move-to-Earn crypto games
Move-to-earn gives you the chance to earn from exercise: Source: BrightNode

With the use of NFTs and cryptocurrency, the approach tries to encourage and reward involvement. In this way, we may all benefit from a healthy lifestyle by becoming more active.

Introducing Menzy: A Step Forward for the Move-to-Earn Model

Step count-based incentives are no longer enough for Menzy, an AI and algorithmically driven computer vision programming combined with a blockchain platform.

NFTs and Mezay’s own $MNZ tokens are used to do this. Users will be able to participate in various activities in their environment. This allows them to compete, keep healthy, and get the benefits of their hard work, all at the same time.

FitFi and SocialFi are incorporated into the platform to provide health-conscious users with an engaging, activity-based experience. Participants may move to earn, compete to earn, and earn while moving.

Menzy Ecosystem

Menzy Application

Users must download the Menzy app to engage in the Menzy ecosystem. Obtain a Menzy NFT with GPS and video capabilities, stake $MNZ tokens (according to their preferred degree of involvement), and set up a crypto wallet.

Users can earn $MNZ tokens by participating in various activities once the system is up and running. Additional perks include NFTs, smart watches, in-app upgrades, training sessions with top athletes, and complimentary gym memberships.

Participants can keep track of their workouts, complete challenges, and establish goals using the app. Those that put in the time and effort will be rewarded as a result of their efforts.

Menzy wants lead the M2E craze. Source: Play2Moon

Menzy Step: Standard and Premium

The Menzy Step Standard shows participants how much they will be able to earn on the platform in the beginning. To begin earning incentives for taking steps and accomplishing goals, you only need a Menzy NFT and the app.

Users of the Menzy Step Premium plan will have access to new objectives and challenges, as well as increased earning potential.

Additionally, there are no constraints on where you may receive incentives for completing tasks at a faster rate or across a longer distance.

Additionally, users may keep tabs on their progress, share it with their friends, connect to third-party fitness systems like Apple Health and Google Fit, and use Menzy’s wristwatch app.

Menzy Move and Compete-to-Earn

For the first time, Menzy entered the “move to earn” arena with a bang. As a Menzy Move user, you may engage in various exercises in front of the camera, such as boxing, squats, or dribbling.

Menzy’s AI recognizes and tracks users’ activity based on their physical gestures. Also, participants should be rewarded based on their efficiency and the difficulty of the activity they selected.

Menzy can track the postures and motions of a user’s primary joint structures while engaging in various activities using AI technology. This allows it to categorize the level and abilities of the user.

M2E apps
Move to Earn is a big part of the web3 revolution. Source: Goalz Online

Users can compete against other Menzy Move participants in the ” Compete-to-earn ” feature. Users will be able to take part in PvP sports competitions based on their talents or classification. Menzy’s artificial intelligence (AI) judges and selects the winner, awarded $MNZ tokens.


In the Menzy ecosystem, NFTs are membership tokens. The collection will begin with 10,000 NFTs, with five rarity levels: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary.

The rarity level of an NFT impacts the benefits that the NFT holder receives, with greater rarity levels offering more perks and platform access than lower rarity assets.

On the Menzy Marketplace, users can purchase, sell, or rent NFTs.

Menzy IGO Facts

Seedify Launchpad token holders may acquire $MNZ tokens before being launched on the public market are now in front of you.

  • Name: $MNZ
  • Token Type: BSC
  • Total Supply: 2 000 000 000
  • Initial Mcap: 270,000
  • IGO Date: June 27
  • Allocation: $550K (including 5% success fee)
  • IGO Price: $0.006
  • Listing price: $0.006
  • Vesting: 15% at TGE, 1-month cliff, then 5% monthly for 17 months

How to buy and join an IGO?

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