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In this NFT P2E gaming industry, we’ve all heard of the big names that circulate within the community. These names include the likes of Axie Infinity, Gala Games, and Gods Unchained. However, perhaps the biggest name of them all is The Sandbox. With a massive open-world and a rapidly growing player-base, SAND is having a great time in the market. Now, they’ve partnered up with RTFKT Studios to launch an NFT collection, and a whole new mini-game inside of SAND called Meta Dungeon.

Source: Sandbox

The new mini-game will play and seem exactly like the name suggests. You’ll be going through dungeons and underground caves to fight monsters and other-worldly creatures. Moreover, the whole scenery is going to be based in a futuristic environment, with neon lighting and tall skyscrapers. Imagine if Minecraft was made in 2050 – that’s what the small world of Meta Dungeon will look like.

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Meta Dungeon game. Source: RTFKT Twitter

The mini-game itself will be based on the same game mechanics that we’ve grown accustomed to in The Sandbox. There are still those Minecraft graphics in play as well. What’s different is that there will be a set of various quests that players will embark on in Meta Dungeon. In total, there are 10 quests, and there will be various objectives to be achieved in each. These objectives can include slaying monsters in dungeons, and escaping through narrow tunnels. Apart from slaying bosses, you can also just roam around the cyber city, with beautiful night views all around.

It’s been a few days since the launch of Meta Dungeon, and a few players have already emerged on Youtube, doing speedruns of the game. There are entire playthrough tutorials uploaded as well. It’s no doubt that this new addition to the Sandbox library is a successful one.

RTFKT Studios & The Sandbox Partnership

The point of releasing Meta Dungeon was mainly to market the partnership between the two companies. The Sandbox will get plenty of new users on their platform, eager to try the new mini-game. Whereas, it will be a perfect opportunity for RTFKT to showcase their NFT designs and ideas. The look of Meta Dungeon has been inspired by RTFKT, and it definitely looks appealing.

The partnership between the two companies started from an NFT drop that the two planned together. This would allow players from SAND to use the characters inside the game. After the release of Meta Dungeon, there was a second NFT sale offered from the partnership, giving players another go at the drop.

More About RTFKT

RTFKT Studios is one of the most well-known NFT creators in the scene. The team creates futuristic, punchy NFTs that are mostly targeted toward the youth. Moreover, they have partnerships and collaborations with the top players in the game. RTFKT has been endorsed by Nike, and they’ll soon be releasing a project together. Moreover, the design studio is also working in collaboration with Murakami, as they have a collection live at the moment. The team defines its work as “drippy” sneaker NFT collectibles, and it’s also probably why they managed to build ties with the most popular sneaker brand in the world.

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