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Metagame Industries, a game studio focused on Web3 technology, has obtained $100 million in funding through a successful strategic funding round. This investment will accelerate the progress of the highly anticipated Web3 game called Abyss World.

During the funding round, this Web3 game studio managed to attract a prestigious group of investors. Among them are Mysten Labs, recognized for its Sui developer, Swiss gaming platform Xterio, and esteemed game publisher FunPlus. 

Additionally, renowned investment entities like Big Brain Holdings, 2moon Capital, Chainhill Capital, Dweb3 Capital, ZeroX Fund, and MH Ventures also showed their support for Metagame Industries. This demonstrates the significant progress the company has made in the Web3 gaming industry. In partnership with Mysten Labs, Metagame Industries is currently working on the development of Abyss World, their flagship AAA game within the Sui ecosystem. 

By merging Metagame Industries’ proficiency in crafting captivating and interactive games with Sui’s advanced, secure, and gaming-centric technology, Abyss World offers a distinctive gaming encounter that effortlessly connects and harmonizes users from web2 and web3 domains. This collaboration empowers both companies to significantly impact the gaming industry, heralding a fresh era of blockchain-driven gaming.

Joe Zu, CEO of Metagame Industries, expressed enthusiasm about utilizing Sui’s comprehensive blockchain infrastructure to deliver players a cutting-edge gaming experience that is both immersive and rewarding. With a strong commitment to its passion-driven product, the company aims to introduce a masterpiece to the gaming industry. By harnessing Sui’s impressive on-chain technology, Metagame Industries will be able to provide high-quality games to a wide range of gamers from both web2 and web3 environments on a large scale.

This game has already gained significant attention, amassing nearly 120,000 pre-orders worldwide, as indicated by registrations on the Steam wishlist. The international audience eagerly awaits the release of Abyss World, anticipating the unique and innovative experience it is expected to deliver.

With the recent injection of funds, Metagame Industries now has the means to expedite the development of Abyss World, which has the potential to redefine the landscape of Web3 gaming. 

The funding enables the studio to harness advanced AI technologies, materialize ambitious creative ideas, and deliver an unmatched gaming experience to its worldwide player base. This financial boost empowers the company to push the boundaries of innovation and solidify its position as a leader in the industry.

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Metagame Industries is a game development studio in the Web3 space, leveraging platform blockchain, AI, and cloud gaming technologies to create cutting-edge meta-games. The studio aims to provide players with immersive experiences and offers an accessible gateway for individuals to enter the Metaverse, allowing them to enjoy a wide range of games.

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