An anonymous source working in the Metagonz development company said they’re planning to reveal a “veiled character” that produced ‘METAGONZ’ metahuman DJ “at the block party 2022”.

Meta Octagon’s metahuman DJ and NFT project ‘METAGONZ’ will participate as a sponsor in the official after-party ‘Block Party 2022’ festival of ‘Korea Blockchain Week 2022’ (KBW 2022).

Metagonz is developing an EDM and performance culture-oriented entertainment metaverse project.

Held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, the block party 2022 will commence on August 12 to 14. 

The huge official after-party of Korean Blockchain Week 2022 merges together digital components like the NFT and blockchain.

World-class artists and hip-hop musicians of Korean plans to create the performance at KBW 2022.

block party 2022 poster of metagonz
Image Source: Metagonz

The director of Meta player, who developed METAGONZ, said, “Metagonz is a metahuman DJ and metaroid.” It is developed as the metaverse’s avatar project.

The director continued, “The artists of Korea’s MZ generation will participate in development based on the K-beauty, fashion, and culture to show to the public in their 20s.”

The Meta Octagon projects will do the main character roles at the various platforms.

The Meta Octagon’s high-quality 2D illustration PFP NFT gave value to the collectors interested in digital art mania, not just derivatives for investment tools.

By applying the new bridge to the system ‘WARP’ of METAGONZ, Meta Octagon installed multi-change support functions between various mainnets and tokens such as ETH.

It plans to release products with enhanced project scalability and user convenience and the value of collection as high-quality generative art, which is set to release this fall.

MOTG tokens from Meta Octagon are listed on two global exchanges: MEXC and LBANK.

What is Metagonz?

The “METAGONZ” project is a “METAROID” (Metaverse Android) avatar project created and released by Meta player for the metaverse.

metagonz project teaser text
Image Source: Metagonz

The Metaverse aims to be the “Eight Artist Crew Representing Meta Octagon”, the best complex cultural space and EDM club of the modern popular metaverse. It will play a key role in the upcoming Meta Octagon projects’ various platforms.

METAGONZ project director said, “We are preparing A&R for a group of eight meta human DJ musicians who are full of honor and popularity as the best iconic celebrity of the time across virtual and reality.”

The director said that famous Korean influencer artists and specialists are developing the METAGONZ character. The aesthetics is inspired by good-looking men and women in their 20s in Korea based on K-beauty, fashion and culture.

The NFT will release in its first edition to commemorate the launch of the “METAGONZ” project. It is a 2D high-quality illustration PFP.

Overall, it aims to add significant value to the collection of digital art enthusiasts as a wish list. In October 2022, there will be a total of 8,888 minting and various events.

What is Meta Octagon?

Club Octagon was an iconic place leading the DJ performance culture in Korea.

meta octagon logo
Image Source: Meta Octagon

The Meta Octagon Project is a Metaverse blockchain project that aims to revive club Octagon in Metaverse space.

If we think about this, Metaverse is a word not yet clearly defined. Some say VR devices accesses this space, and others say that even SNS such as Facebook belongs to “Metaverse.”

But one thing is certain: the Metaverse connects people in a different way than before.

This connectivity is the biggest feature of ‘Metaverse’ and is also the most essential feature of the Meta Octagon project.

Through Octagon’s performances, people have experienced and shared uniqueness in the same space together.

Meta Octagon is also planning to provide various performance experiences that Octagon has, so that they can experience the live set pieces in their respective places, not in just one space.

Through this, Octagon will transform into a new space where you can access, experience, and connect to each other anywhere, not just a space belonging offline.

Club Octagon reborn

Club Octagon is reborn as a meta-octagon beyond the limits of existing offline clubs!

With VR, Meta Octagon invites people to a club where they can enjoy any time without time or space restriction. It is a reality-like meta-octagon world.

In Meta Octagon, people can listen to music and dance like a real club. They can enjoy secret and exotic dates between users.

Meta Octagon will also show the largest performance on the earth in agreement with overseas super artists & DJs, domestic artists, and celebrities.

World DJ Festival Sponsor

As you probably have known, Meta Octagon will participate in the 2022 world DJ festival as the sponsor on August 11 to 13 at Seoul Sports Complex.

meta octagon as official sponsor in world dj festival 2022 poster
Image Source: Meta Octagon

The World DJ festival began in 2007 in Korea. It is an EDM DJ festival, similar to a blockbuster.

A person who works in the development company of Meta Octagon said that they will create digital ecosystem that led to digital art and culture industry through metahuman DJ, avatar, NFT and so on of digital culture project’s R&D .

Meta Octagon will create new performance culture industry in metaverse world.

Meta Octagon will also build up “infinity complex culture place meta flex”, which is a new generation metaverse ecosystem beyond virtual and reality through support and participation of various offline and online entertainment events or festivals.


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