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MetaSolare, founded by crypto experts in the blockchain, financial, and entertainment sectors, have announced an exciting Web3 project. Although some details are not yet available, the project plans to bring blockchain technology to music, gaming, and anime. Let’s find out more facts about this. 

What Is MetaSolare?

MetaSolare is a Web3 start-up with some notable founders, including global DJ Steve Aoki and the founder of Japanese entertainment company Avex, Masato Matsuura. Just today, the exciting project made its exciting launch. The project has a Game Fi, Anime Fi, and Music Fi focus, with lots of exciting visions ahead. 

We are starting to see the use of NFTs and tokens in popular culture, and a new type of open architecture is necessary for projects like these to thrive. In order to do this, knowledge from the blockchain and financial sector is necessary. MetaSolare is successfully bringing experts from all fields together to create this emerging Web3 entertainment project. So, what is the project? 

Grammy-Nominated DJ Steve Aoki Gives a Sneak Peak Into His Electric Corner of the Metaverse
Co-Founder Steve Aoki. Source: Entrepreneur

A Unique Entertainment System

MetaSolare aims to bring a unique entertainment system to the world of Web3. This will consist of blockchain technology, financial elements, and game technology. Blockchain technology is necessary in order for MetaSolare users to own their own NFTs and digital content within the project. The financial elements are necessary for a sustainable, content-orientated economy that thrives on its own. Finally, game elements are necessary. After all, play-to-earn games and the GameFi industry are the most profitable. 

MetaSolare will use content and IP as instruments for financial investment from its users. These elements are necessary to create a whole original entertainment experience where all users are involved together. Let’s look at the project’s GameFi, Anime Fi, and Music Fi aspects.

Game Fi Elements

As an individual interested in play-to-earn games, you will likely have heard of game-fi. When we speak of blockchain games, we often refer to them as play-to-earn. The exciting MetaSolare projects aim to take it even further. With a mission to integrate gaming into everyday life, users will have the chance to become co-creators within the project. This means that avid users can build a sustainable gaming future, allowing them to earn tangible and intangible assets from gaming alone. 

Music Fi Elements

In recent years, NFTs and digital tokens have become a way for music fans to connect with their favorite artists and vice versa. Introducing these NFTs and tokens means there are now unique types of ownership. This will put money directly into the NFT creator’s pockets, as well as the artists themselves. 

As a start-up project, MetaSolare aims to create crypto-native musical artists backed by DAOs and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This opens up an abundance of new opportunities for digital creators and artists. NFT owners will be given the opportunity to be directly involved with music artists’ futures. From discovering new artists to helping with a debut album, NFT holders will be able allowed to contribute to their chosen artist’s success. 

The MetaSolare team has deep connections to the music industry. When we look at two of the co-founders, Steve Aoki and Masato Matsuura, we can see the prevalent link to the music scene. This is especially true for the Japanese and electronic music scene. Steve Aoki is one of the most notable DJs in the world, and Masato Matsuura owns one of Asia’s biggest entertainment corporations. Together, MetaSolare looks to be in a unique position to create a crypto-native generation of music. 

Anime Fi

The merging of blockchain with anime creates a whole new market for MetaSolare. The project will combine NFTs, crypto tokens, technology, and entertainment to create a new form of entertainment for music, crypto, and anime lovers. 

The appeal of owning your own or favorite anime will open a wide range of opportunities for MetaSolare, as well as a new funding model involving NFT creators, too. 

MetaSolare Founders

Aside from Steve Aoki and Masato Matsuura, MetaSolare has eight founders. As a project, it is at a complete advantage. Merging three industries with the experience of eight unique individuals is going to change entertainment. Leading entertainment, blockchain, financial, and media experts are building an entirely new economy and entertainment system. 

Entertainment Blockchain Company MetaSolare Announces New Project For “MusicFi”, “AnimeFi”, and “GameFi” - UN STORE
MetaSolare Co-Founders. Source: UN Store

What Does This Mean for Web3? 

The development of MetaSolare’s project is a revolution in the Web3 sphere and the entertainment, music, and financial industry. Bringing together experts from different industries is creating a brand-new entertainment system with endless opportunities. The project will also likely attract a wide range of people with different interests, furthering the large-scale interactive idea of the project. We can’t wait to see the progress of this project and its content-centered economy. 

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