Popular eSports team, METAT8, has once again hit the headlines in the gaming space. Since its inception, the gaming team has been building a solid reputation as one of the best gaming teams in the world of eSports. Interestingly, the team has succeeded on many occasions, proving to the world that it is ready for an all-time success record.

Notably, METAT8 has topped in several Axie Infinity gaming contests, including the Axie Infinity World Championship events. With a successful run in Axie Infinity eSports, METAT8 is currently one of the most promising Web3 gaming teams. Furthermore, the team works in line with its unique watchword, “if we don’t own it, we don’t play it.”

This time, players from the METAT8 eSports team have emerged champions of the just concluded MMG Axie Masters League. In a tweet from Axie Infinity, “they came all the way down from the lower bracket to beat QU3ST and win it all!”

MMG Axie Masters League

The MMG Axie Masters League is an Axie Infinity tournament organized by the popular eSports platform, MMG. Open to all players from all regions across the globe, the tournament was hosted on the Polygon Network.

Notably, MMG is a 17-year veteran eSports organization that focuses on the potential of eSports. It is owned by Method, a pioneer in eSports and entertainment as well as the next global gaming era. As part of the organization’s plans, championship-winning eSports are prioritized.

To spice up the t0urnament, matches are played in a Single Elimination bracket type. That is, should any player lose a match, he will be knocked out of the tournament. Also, it is worth noting that the MMG Axie Masters League tournament started on August 13, 2022, at exactly 12:00 PM.

METAT8 topped the MMG Axie Masters League. Image Source: Twitter

The tournament was held over three stages and it was live in Axie Origin. Various teams were allowed to sign up for all four days of the qualifying stage. Afterward, the top eight teams on each qualifying stage day progressed to the next round of the tournament. The prize pool at the time was 1 MATIC.

Qualifying Stage

Live in Axie Origin, the MMG Axie Masters League tournament began with a qualifying stage. This stage lasted for four days featuring various players from different eSport teams including the popular METAT8 and QU3ST. At the end of each day, the top eight teams were promoted to the next stage of the competition.

As per the rules, no winning team can participate in another qualifying stage. This was aimed at giving other teams the opportunity to shoot their shots. However, after four days of Stage One, Stage Two began.

Group Stage

In the second stage of the tournament, all the top 32 teams from the qualifying stage were grouped. The grouping was random, following the “hat” method. Basically, the teams were tossed and drawn from a hat. 

Consequently, there was a total of eight groups, containing four teams each. Moving on, all four groups competed live on the stream. Then, the top two teams from each group progressed to Stage Three – the final stage.


Following a successful run from the preceding stages, a total of 16 teams advanced to the final stage. Unlike the previous stages, the finals were held in a Double Elimination bracket type. In the long run, the famous METAT8 eSports team was crowned as the MMG Axie Masters League champions.

Tournament Rules

For the qualifying stage, all events were team events and there were no Axie pools. Also, it was a naked tournament, meaning that no Runes and Charms could be used. Furthermore, each team contained at least three members, all playing in a Single Elimination format.

Also, only one account was allowed per player, and the tournament was free for all to enter. Similarly, the best of 3 games wins the set, and the best of 3 sets wins the match. At this stage, no substitutes were not allowed.

How Did the Gameplay Work?

According to the game rules, each team was allowed to play with a maximum of 3 players. Also, each team’s captain was given the opportunity to choose their lineup. There were three games per set, and the team that won at least two games won the set.

The axie competition
The 1st place players. Image Source: Twitter

However, in case of a tie, a rematch could help break the tie. Also, during each set, all three players played their games simultaneously.

Player Conduct

As mentioned earlier, a rematch could ensue in case of a tie, or technical or connection issues. Also, the penalties for player misconduct or spam in the chats are warnings and disqualification. It is noteworthy that the tournament organizers had the exclusive right to disqualify players that violate the rules.

In that regard, players were expected to maintain healthy competitive spirits, integrity, and positive attitudes. At the time, MMG had the right to effect any necessary change to the rules.


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