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Even in the cryptocurrency market, there are always treasures to be found. This was demonstrated by the presales of 2022, where a few projects saw significant investment inflows despite cautious capital allocation from investors as a whole. 

All of these metaverse projects are anticipated to be successful in 2023 as their ecosystems, and product launches grow following the conclusion of their presales. The metaverse cryptocurrencies with the greatest potential for rapid growth are listed below for purchase in 2023. The projects on this list span a wide range of metaverse-related focus points. 

Metaverse Cryptocurrency Coin Projects To Invest In


A P2E card battler game called Calvaria is accessible to both non-crypto and crypto users. The majority of the game’s features can be used without the player having to purchase any assets, open a crypto wallet, or even hold any cryptocurrency. 

Additionally, the game is accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms. In addition, the game has both Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn modes. Due to its F2P and P2E availability and compatibility with all devices, anybody could easily enter this metaverse. RobotEra’s native token, the TARO token, serves as the metaverse’s currency.

Using TARO, players can pay for event tickets, buy NFTs and land, and get paid for managing their properties. The DAO’s voting process will also use it. With 1 TARO at 0.020 USDT, the RobotEra presale is currently active. ETH can be used to buy the token as well.

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What then, about a Metaverse-based game with infinite revenue streams? The developers of RobotEra have succeeded in creating something that seems too good to be true. Players can buy different plots of land and rebuild the destroyed planet of Taro, which is the game’s main setting.

Users transform into robot NFTs and take control of the land as the world is rebuilt. In order to earn cryptocurrency rewards, they can take part in challenges and side missions in Central City. RobotEra is unique among P2E games because it features a shared multiverse that is interconnected with other worlds and NFT communities. On Planet Taro, there are no restrictions on what users can create.



This metaverse promotes leading an active lifestyle. For maintaining your workout schedule in FightOut, you receive points. Existing hardware and software already support this gamified approach to encouraging a healthy lifestyle, but FightOut adds blockchain-based advantages. 

Step tracking, boxing, yoga, strength and conditioning, HIIT, and meditation are among the activities that FightOut monitors. The FightOut subscription service will be paid for using the native token, FGHT. The FGHT token is now available for purchase during the FightOut presale, with 1 USDT buying 60.06 FGHT. 


The native TAMA token can be acquired in a variety of ways, and the metaverse in Tamadoge is known as the Tamaverse. Players can obtain the token, for instance, by engaging in battle with other players’ Tamadoge pets. It is then possible to purchase goods for a player’s Tamadoge at the Tamadoge pet store, including food, toys, and more. Players can start competing with one another and receive TAMA rewards using the leaderboard system.

In addition, Tamadoge has made available a number of NFT collections, with its standard Tamadoge NFTs already available. The rarities of common, rare, and ultra-rare are separated. These have unique characteristics that will affect how they fare in conflicts with other players. The Tamadoges have attributes like agility, awareness, and speed.

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