From the beginning of the industry, bitcoin and cryptocurrency obituaries have been prevalent, and 2022 has been no different. Ever since the 2021 highs, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has decreased by more than $2 trillion.

Many people have lost confidence in the crypto industry due to the antics, which have continued unabatedly this year. Many people have been negatively affected by the huge price declines, with a large number of investors losing whole portfolios by putting their trust in careless or dishonest counterparties like Celsius and FTX.

The metaverse, however, may be a significant catalyst for the forthcoming cycle, according to a report released by Grayscale. This report also predicts that the metaverse may end up becoming a multi-trillion-dollar industry from P2Egames.

The Metaverse Is Far From Done

Regardless of the recent market downturn, optimism for the metaverse’s future has remained high. Many people believe that it will present enormous opportunities in the years to come.

In a report just recently released by Grayscale, the company predicted that the metaverse would soon get to be a $1 trillion industry. This is given that digitization is taking over a greater portion of our lives became, and technology is diminishing the value of the physical world.

Every metaverse has a distinct target audience. Decentraland, for example, capitalizes on the fact that it is the “OG” metaverse, which has helped it gain a lot of corporate backing. There is also a Grayscale fund where institutions can purchase MANA, its native token.

The graphics and user interface are more of a priority in other metaverses, like the Sandbox. The RobotEra metaverse tries to build on what is known about prior metaverses and incorporates the best of what has been discovered. Artificial intelligence and robots support these advanced technologies.

People who take part in the RobotEra metaverse can adopt the identity of a robot and create as many planets and cities as they want.

The TARO Token

In addition to serving as the metaverse’s standard medium of exchange and a means of player compensation, TARO also serves as the RobotEra DAO’s governance token.

By decentralizing the governance and management of the metaverse, the team hopes to ensure the project’s longevity.

As a result, anyone can opt to take part in the project’s future outlook by casting a vote with their tokens and having their opinions heard.

The team is better able to use the collective intelligence of their community to make adjustments and expand as efficiently as possible by decentralizing the project’s governance.

The TARO presale has been progressing well over the past few weeks and is currently approaching the $600k milestone.

Investors have flocked to the presale in an effort to get involved in this project as early as possible. Those who take part in the presale sooner can purchase discounted tokens.

The price of the TARO token is $0.02, but because the presale is happening in stages, it will eventually increase. When this stage is finished, the token price will increase to $0.025.


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