Powerhouse and internationally renowned developer Microsoft has announced a new partnership with rising star, Web3 project Star Heroes. The first grant of its kind awarded by a major corporation, Microsoft has set the stage for the future of blockchain gaming.

Microsoft has awarded the combative space adventure game a grant. Star Heroes developers can now access Azure PlayFab, joining the renowned collection of games, including Forza Horizon, Sea of Thieves, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

What is Star Heroes?

For those not in the know, Star Heroes is a third-person space shooter that features dynamic space battles.  It is set in a large world open to players for exploration and combat in two multiplayer modes: ranking and adventure. Gamers can build the fiercest fleets in the galaxy and battle it out to win the top spot.

“PvP titles have proven historically to attract the most amount of engagement setting Star Heroes up for potential future success.”Esports News

star heroes nft collection
Image credit: Medium

The game’s premise is player rivalry and engagement. Both offensive and defensive units are available to build the most competitive and engage in galactic combat. In this way, the game is fiercely competitive with an exciting PvP scene, sure to make it popular given the current trends across multiple gaming genres.

A Rising Star

This historic new partnership confirms NFTs as game-changers in how we approach incentivising play. Bitcoinist has reported the move as a “groundbreaking achievement“, and industry experts are welcoming this new age of large-scale organisations integrating blockchain technology into their activities.

Its play-to-earn capabilities will attract experienced and novice players alike, and with Microsoft on side, the possibilities are endless for this exciting space set adventure. Even more impressive, this game is free to play, inviting new players to take a dip before diving into the full experience.

Players can also earn real cash by simply playing the game at no cost to themselves.

Community Driven

star heroes community
Image Credit: Star Heroes

With a unique in-game currency, $STAR, Star Heroes has chosen to shake things up. Players can earn $STARs by completing different challenges. However, these tokens can’t be purchased but only earned by playing. The $STAR currency is 100% community-driven, less prone to manipulation and a shakeup of the in-game push to spend.

According to Star Heroes, the tokens are:

” based on the innovative Proof of Play mechanism which will resemble the Bitcoin mechanics including halvings and mining. Star Heroes will also implement a mechanism that can increase or reduce the reward difficulty/output according to the current number of players.”

Heroic Potential

After two years in development, Star Heroes can now achieve monumental success in its own right and encourage further investment in blockchain gaming’s untapped potential. The game’s designers are said to have worked on some high earners such as CD Project Red‘s The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and  Cyber Punk 2017).

“Perhaps more importantly, though, the partnership with Microsoft will open the doors for blockchain gaming in general, with the goal being that numerous other titles would get a similar chance to work with major companies in the future.” Bitcoin.com

Devotees of the game are already testing and preparing for the next generation of ships. Star Heroes Gameplay recently released this video exploring existing and upcoming innovations. Fleets of space vessels battle and fall in a fight to prove their team is superior.

star heroes
Image Credit: Star Heroes

A New Mission

A recent creator update has provided a peek into what players can look forward to, building brilliant suspense and introducing a mission to whet the appetite for adventure. A Medium article announced:

[Strong signal detected…] “Attention, All Cadets! It’s time for your first mission. A mysterious spaceship wreck was found in an asteroid belt. As the rescue team searched the spaceship log, they found traces of $STAR. Unluckily, a group of unknown creatures destroyed the ship and emptied all containers.”

Players will soon enjoy the fruits of Microsoft’s first venture into blockchain gaming, and the industry as a whole now has a new mission. The nature of gaming is to explore and discover new worlds, dare to be different and imagine a mission beyond the tangible.

For an industry constantly evolving and challenging what it means to create a meta-universe, it will be the next great challenge for investors to uncover the true potential of this gaming model.

The latest Medium article proudly declares, “This is where the journey begins!”

We shall see where it leads.

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