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MOBOX, an NFT-powered gaming platform, has recently unveiled a teaser of their highly anticipated project, Dragonverse. This fresh gaming series aims to take the gaming experience to new heights by introducing a 3D virtual universe, brimming with distinctive quests and chances for players to engage with their in-game assets.

What is Dragonverse?

MOBOX’s creation, Dragonverse, is a stunning virtual world where players can embark on diverse gaming adventures. Within this digital realm lies a remarkable Workbench, serving as a portal for players to efficiently oversee their in-game assets, such as the nurturing and breeding of special creatures known as MODragon. The standout feature is that these creatures can be traded as NFTs on the marketplace, greatly expanding the possibilities and depth of the gameplay.

Within the game, there are several regions, each presenting a variety of landscapes and interactive gameplay elements. MOBOX allows players the freedom to choose their preferred strategy and skill combination, enhancing the gaming experience further. The game offers a range of features, from play-to-win rewards to the ability to adjust the camera angle during gameplay. This ensures that players are constantly engaged and entertained.

The primary objective of Dragonverse is to provide users with real-time combat, elevating the thrill and intensity of gameplay. Additionally, the game goes beyond aimless playing by incorporating a captivating storyline that will direct player adventures. This narrative will also intertwine with the reward system, infusing the game with more intricacy and meaning.

Alpha Test/ Preview

Despite Dragonverse not being fully prepared for an immediate launch, MOBOX intends to make it accessible for Alpha Test in August, with an official announcement coming soon thereafter. This gaming universe will be designed as a turn-based MMORPG, offering players a plethora of battles, quests, and professional options to engage with.

As players advance in the game, they will earn experience and equipment by completing quests and participating in duels. These rewards can be utilized to boost the abilities of their in-game characters. Additionally, the inclusion of strategic turn-based combat introduces another captivating aspect, requiring players to thoughtfully choose their avatar lineup and abilities before commencing gameplay.

To sum up, MOBOX’s Dragonverse 3D, with its diverse set of features and captivating gameplay, holds the potential to deliver an enchanting experience for gaming enthusiasts, generating excitement and anticipation for the upcoming alpha testing phase.

More on MOBOX

MOBOX is a decentralized gaming platform that leveraged blockchain technology and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to offer unique gaming experiences. The platform allowed players to own and trade in-game assets as NFTs, providing them with true ownership and value for their virtual possessions.

MOBOX focused on developing games with innovative gameplay and integrated NFT mechanics, where players could earn, trade, and utilize NFTs within the gaming ecosystem. One of their notable projects was Dragonverse 3D, as mentioned earlier, which aimed to create an immersive virtual universe with various gameplay elements and opportunities for players to interact with NFT-based assets.


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