MOLAND Defense

MOBOX, one of the most popular gaming projects in the crypto industry has just announced an update for one of its games. The MOBOX game is called MOLAND Defense, and you probably might have guessed what it’s about from the name. The game is based on a Tower Defense strategy, as players try to protect their buildings against the enemies. Anyways, the announcement from the MOBOX team spoke about the new Season 3 changes in MOLAND Defense.

The update has brought forth a wide array of changes for the game. The developers are looking to bring fresh content for players and balance the current gameplay. Here are all of the new updates in Season 3 of MOLAND Defense:

  • Defender system added
  • A Lifetime Gift Pack added
  • Optimized the rules of one click equipment
  • Optimized the prompt of Legion challenge
  • Adjusted the attributes and consumption of hero upgrade
  • Balanced Arena Star rewards
  • Adjusted Arena and level of monster
  • Optimized the attach effects of the Riot Zealot
  • Added auto-battle to Relics Exploration
  • Optimized the Legion interface and added building effects
  • Adjusted the skill values of the Goddess of War

A lot of the updates focus on bringing a balance to the pre-existing features of the game. This is a good sign for players, as it shows that the developers are actively looking to improve the game.

Background on MOLAND Defense

MOLAND Defense is a recent game, as the alpha for the game was released in March for players. The game focuses on a Tower Defense genre, which has seen its fair share of popularity in gaming. Moreover, an external game developer that MOBOX teamed up with, called E-Studios, worked on the game.

All in all, the MOBOX project seems to be growing every day, with new games under its belt. MOLAND Defense, as it has in the past, looks to bring a hefty load of users to the MOBOX platform.

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