Popular gaming firm, MOBOX, has announced that it will be launching an updated version of its fastest growing metaverse platform, MOMOverse. The announcement, which came in through the firm’s official website and Twitter handle, disclosed that the update – MOMOverse v1.3.0 will be released on September 1, 2022, 08:00 UTC.

MOMOverse is a 3D multi-platform metaverse in which there are several activities from which users can “play to earn.” The platform connects gamers, content creators, collectors, and developers together; thus, promoting diversity and inclusion. In the MOMOverse, you can build your crypto game by just using simple application programming interfaces (APIs).

The update aims to modify in-game features into more interesting ones. This way, the MOMOverse can accommodate a wider community of players who will, in turn, contribute to the metaverse’s sustainability.

Better In-Game Experiences

While MOBOX’s former versions of the MOMOverse offer players exceptional features to keep them engaged and entertained, the v1.3.0 is aimed at offering better user-oriented services to players. This way, players can have wider ranges of options to choose from and more ways of generating income.

Image Source: MOBOX

By adjusting the already-existing components in the game, players are exposed to why they should be more committed to the games. Now, players can complete daily tasks faster, be more positioned to win challenges, and earn rewards – which is the ultimate goal of any play-to-earn game.

MOBall Adjustment

Following the release of the new version, players will be able to craft MOBalls. Additionally, you should note that MOBalls allow players to catch MOMOs in the MOMOverse. This helps them in earning MOBall points and earn rewards.

Four MOBall crafting methods are to be released in the new version including “Feather*30+Gold*10”, “Leather*30+Gold*10”, “Pearl*30+Gold*10”, and “Ore*30+Gold*10”. No mastery level is included in this version of MOBall crafting and there are three craft results which include the Mini MOBall, MOBall, and Super MOBall.

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Moball craft added. source: Mobox

Also, the MOMOverse shop will close on September 6, 2022. This will be following the removal of both MOBall and MOCard from the shop.

Players can trade their MOBalls on the MOmarket – MOMOverse’s official marketplace – starting from September 6, 2022. This is with the exclusion of the Mini MOBall which will not be tradable for the time being.

Mastery Level

In another part of the development, the material crafting mastery level upper limit has been opened to Level 9. This way, users can step up their games and increase the level of synthesizable building materials.

upper limit of mastery level has been oprned to level 9. source: Mobox

Building materials come in 10 types but are spread across three different qualities which are common, uncommon, and unique. By increasing their mastery levels up to the newly-included level 9, players can increase their chances of synthesizing higher-quality materials and reduce the time taken to complete Advanced Synthesis.

Also, players with higher mastery levels can trade their skills on the MOmarket by helping other players to synthesize materials. This way, they can earn while assisting others, thereby enhancing collaboration among players.

In-Game Purchases

The new development – in which the MOMOverse shop will not open – will create a turnaround for all games within the MOMOverse. All transactions will now take place on the MOMOverse marketplace.

Image Source: MOBOX – Medium

Since the platform allows developers to include their projects (even projects outside the MOMOverse), streams of income continues to flow. There, every player can buy or sell NFTs, avatars, and also offer services for money.

What the MOMOverse Offers

Momoverse game. Mobox community

As one of the fastest growing metaverse platform, the MOMOverse has quite some intriguing features to give users the best gaming experiences possible as well as rewards for their time. You should also note that the MOMOverse is already on the Binance Smart Chain.

Among its unique, engaging features, we have MOprofession. The MOMOverse offers users with the opportunity to play different roles in the virtual world. From being a farmer or shopkeeper to a builder or collector, players get to choose from a wide range of options. This allows users to fully participate in every bit of the metaverse’s activities.

Due to a wide range of games like MOland Defense, Block Brawler, and ChainZ Arena on MOMOverse, users enjoy “MOMOsocial”. Through this development, they can connect with themselves, create teams, and utilize MOMOverse’s variety of in-game options.

The MOmarket component is a creative approach to ensuring seamless transactions with the MOMOverse. It is where all transactions ranging from NFT purchases to in-game token exchanges take place. This way, players can make money by creating, buying, and selling. Simply put, the MOmarket is MOMOverse’s official marketplace.

Interestingly, there is the MOMOland which is literally just like real land. Players can join forces to take over lands on which they can build MOMOhomes. In addition, players can visit each other’s MOMOhomes, creating a virtual atmosphere of entertainment and cooperation. Not only that, players can display their NFTs in the MOseum. By participating in team challenges, land takeovers, and advancing through the levels, players enjoy a virtual world of challenges, adventure, and well, income.

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