Monkey League
The MonkeyBall team is thrilled to announce a new weekly community event for its Discord community dubbed Monkey League Learn & Earn!
Monkey League
Monkey League is a Play-to-Earn soccer game based on Solana that provides a high production value gaming experience that will not disappoint.
Monkey League puts community first in all its endeavors. With all of its community campaigns, contests, and MonkeyHalls, the team continuously seeks new ways to expand its community activities. However, Monkey League Learn & Earn is a weekly community activity held in Discord’s “Learn & Earn” channel.
This is an excellent opportunity for individuals who know Monkey League like the back of their hand to begin earning money!

What is The Monkey League Learn & Earn

  • Every Friday, beginning March 4th. There will be a Learn & Gain MonkeyQuiz with ten questions of varying difficulty and potential points to earn for each.
  • To participate, you must be a member of their Discord community.
  • Players will have a limited time to respond to each question.
  • You will have 48 hours to finish the quiz (from Friday 9 AM UTC to Sunday 9 AM UTC)
  • You cannot quit and return to the quiz after you have begun it.
  • Each person receives a different set of questions.
  • To be eligible to earn, you must have at least 10 of the maximum 16 points. This week, there might be up to 500 winners!
  • Weekly rewards.
  • Finally, the initial rewards pot is $MBS 15,000 for this month however, it will grow as more participants join

The Monkey League Learn & Earn Leaderboard

The leaderboard will show the top Learners and Earners in terms of points earned. Monkey League team will provide extra incentives to the first, second, and third place learners at the end of each month. In addition, after each month, we will draw a name from the top 50 to win a Gen Zero Monkey NFT.
To be eligible for the leaderboard, extra incentives, and the NFT raffle, you must complete each weekly MonkeyQuiz.

About Monkey League Game

Monkey League

MonkeyBall is a fast-paced, turn-based soccer game that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. Best described as a cross between FIFA Street and Final Fantasy.
Each player develops and controls a squad of four monkeys, each having intrinsic abilities that make them best suited for each of the following roles;
-Midfielder, and Goalkeeper
The developer’s objective is to push the boundaries of player empowerment by catapulting them into the game’s ultimate protagonists and shapers. Those who continuously play and grab the value from their successes.
Unlike other games that need players to be highly active to earn, MonkeyBall provides opportunities for both active and passive players to participate and earn. As a result, the developers created a gaming world for a broad set of players to allow the community to take on numerous gameplay roles and autonomously administer a decentralized player-owned economy.
Monkeys, that’s all for today! Stay tuned to PlayToEarnDiary for updates over the coming few weeks.

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