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Kaiju Kingz is one of the more hyped-up P2E projects in the NFT space at the moment. It’s a game that’s attracting attention left, right, and center. We recently covered a mini-game that was launched in Kaiju Kingz, allowing players to earn baby Kaijuz by topping the leaderboard. This game was a simple project, as it was like a 2D runner. If you’ve played the mini-dragon game on your browser when your internet goes out, then you’ll know what it was like. Now, the team has announced major updates coming to the Kaiju Kingz ecosystem, including new variables, characters, and even a game mode.

The Role of $SCALES & DNA

The whole concept of $SCALES is heavily reliant on the act of staking. Staking your Kaijuz, which essentially means locking them so that you can’t trade them or use them, will reward you handsomely in this new update. How so, you may ask? Well, every time a Baby or Genesis Kaiju is staked, it will shed $SCALES on a daily basis. Mutant Kaijuz, on the other hand, do not require staking them to produce $SCALES, as they’ll do it anyway. There are fixed values of producible $SCALES set for each type of Kaiju, which you can refer to below.

Kaiju Kingz

So, what do these $SCALES do? One of the two main purposes of this newly-added parameter is to acquire an alpha pass. The alpha pass allows users to gain access to a private channel on the Kaiju Kingz Discord server. We can only assume that this channel will contain important information regarding the game. Users will have to collect a total of 300 $SCALES to get the alpha pass for themselves.

Secondly, $SCALES are also going to be used in the extraction of DNA. If you happen to have collected 300 $SCALES, you can also start extracting DNA. However, you will also need a Mutant Kaiju alongside to start extraction. There are different tiers of DNA types, classified into different rarities, ranging from common to legendary. Moreover, each of these DNA types has a specific rate of success to be extracted. These success rates can be altered to your favor via several methods, including using $RWASTE tokens. There’s also a 1% chance in each extraction that all of the $SCALES invested will be lost, and the extraction will fail fully.

Kaiju Kingz

Stealing Scientists!

The lost $SCALES that we talked about above will be redistributed into the game, as they’ll land into the hands of evil scientists. Moreover, along with stealing $SCALES, scientists also possess a 1% chance to steal the extracted DNAs. There are several mechanisms set in place to fund these scientists continuously. After all this, we still don’t know what it’s going to be used for in the game. Let’s talk more about that!

Upcoming Game Mode

The team is also developing a new game mode to come, being called Monster x Monster. It will be a turn-based, fighting game that will involve the Kaijuz of players. The game is set to release around the end of 2022, or early 2023. These new parameters, being $SCALES and DNA, will have a major part to play in this new game mode. Especially DNA, as it will allow players to strengthen their Monsters, and search for stronger Monsters during their journey as well. Moreover, the project will also offer in-game purchases via real money. This will be done mainly to fund and circulate $SCALEs in the ecosystem. The team claims to be using Web2.0 tactics to fund their Web3.0 goals.

Kaiju Kingz

The ecosystem of Kaiju Kingz looks fantastic, and it only seems to be growing. The team also has its eyes set on a potential merch lineup, and much more along the way. We’ll keep you updated on all things Kaiju Kingz related!

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