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Move-to-earn is a popular emerging concept in the crypto industry. With massive successes from Sweatcoin and other non-crypto-based move-to-earn apps, the world of decentralized gaming took its chance. With this came the creation of move-to-earn gaming on decentralized blockchains. Move-to-earn gaming is now part of DeFi, with excellent rewards available for those who are moving their bodies. This can range from crypto tokens to actual physical rewards. Well, there’s always more room in the move-to-earn world for another app. This time, we’re talking about the new NFT game Motearn. Let’s find out more! 

The Move-to-Earn Concept

Let’s quickly talk about the move-to-earn concept and how it works. In the world of Web3, move-to-earn simply means earning rewards in exchange for physical movement. Move-to-earn games differ from play-to-earn games, as players are required to partake in physical activity to progress. This has sparked the debate around the concept and whether the games can offer an incentivized healthier lifestyle. 

The rewards can differ. Rewards are often in the form of cryptocurrency or NFTs, but you can also win reward points that can be exchanged for physical products. Move-to-earn gaming is increasing in popularity, and it seems like everyone is getting involved. GameFi and DeFi merge to create move-to-earn games, with a wide variety of people playing them. Some popular move-to-earn games include STEPN, Calo, RunBlox, Genopets, and Sweatcoin. Olympic athletes and running clubs are just some groups you may find involved with move-to-earn gaming. 

Motearn: A Sustainable Move2Earn Platform With IRL NFTs
Source: Crypto Potato

What is Motearn? 

Motearn is a gamified-wellness ecosystem that defines itself as a health and lifestyle project. Developed by Embry Tech Inc, the app pairs with the smart insole. We’ll talk more about this smart insole and how it links to the future of Motearn at a later point in the article.

Motearn does not actually define itself as a game in any realm. Instead, it refers to itself as a gamified-wellness system, with a layer of gamification to make it fun for users. It defines itself as the world’s first high-precision physical activity auto-detection technology. As we mentioned, the app is a product from Embry Tech, a technology that allows people to move with the help of an insole.

Motearn has been in development for over four years and with the assistance of several backers and crypto experts. With over $1 million in investment and backers, the app has one simple goal. To get people moving. Through the search for the most effective incentives for movement, Motearn was born. Although it may sound like most other move-to-earn games, the addition of the Embry Smart Soles puts the app at a high level. 

motearn-neonmint-connected-shoe-#0003 - MOTEARN avant-garde shoe edition | OpenSea
Source: Open Sea

How Does Motearn Work?

The entire concept of this new move-to-earn wellness app is to stay fit and earn rewards. Numerous things are required to get started with this app. Earning a passive income from apps is becoming increasingly popular. However, you will still need to invest a small amount in order to get started. 

To earn rewards with Motearn, users must connect any of their smart connected devices to the app. This includes smartphones, watches, and Embry Smart Insoles. In the app, you must connect these smart items to your ctNFT (connected tangible NFT) shoes. The ctNFT shoes can be minted in the marketplace, and these are necessary in order to start earning. To start earning, you will need at least one shoe. These shoes have an unlimited lifespan, with the opportunity to repair. 

In the app, there are avatars. These avatars are the virtual representation of your body and activity levels. If you partake in more physical activity, you are able to mint more avatar fashions to reach a higher parameter level. Check out this screenshot from the app’s whitepaper. Some avatars are NFTs, whereas some are parameters. The Avatar-fashion items are ctNFTs, which can be connected with tangible smart products such as shoes or wearables. This metadata is stored and exchanged between the NFT and smart product. 

Embry Smart Insoles and app
Source: Embry Tech

Motearn Utilities 

Now, let’s talk about the Embry Smart Insoles. These insoles are the creation by Embry with a one-of-a-kind activity detection technology. They are defined as a physical NFT called a ctNFT. This means that they exist in real-life but also in the app. Their value can increase and decrease, and they can be sold. Obtain these insoles to earn rewards, and track your physical activity and movements throughout the day. In terms of bringing utilities to the table, these smart insoles are worth $250 and are guaranteed to each holder of the geneticist collection. 

In addition, the MOT token is used to fuel the Motearn ecosystem. MOT is generated through physical activity, and there are liquidity pools available for trading. Additionally, the main EMET token is the Embry move-to-earn token, which can only be acquired with the smart insoles made by Embry. Earning this token will increase your rewards even more. 

Final Thoughts

Although there are countless move-to-earn games out there, Motearn sounds extremely promising. The use of the Embry Smart Insoles is game-changing, and we can’t wait to learn more about Motearn soon. 

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