GYMmove move-to-earn app

Web3 and lifestyle move to earn mobile app, GYMmove has announced their token presale. The $GYM token presale will take place from May 4th till May 7th on the Pinksale DeFi ecosystem.

If you’re familiar with StepN, then earning while performing daily activities should not be news. Essentially, GYMmove is a lifestyle development app that users can earn from walking or running. Read on to learn more about GYMmove and its token presale event coming up on Pinksale.


GYMmove Move To Earn App


Like StepN, GYMmove is a blockchain-based fitness and lifestyle mobile app that rewards you by doing basic exercises like running, cycling, walking, etc. The app has social-fi and NFT gaming that allows people to have fun while connecting at the same time.

The advent of blockchain and its beneficial application in various aspects of human life is astounding. GYMmove aims to aid the adoption of healthy living and lifestyle by rewarding users from their sweat. It also aims to create a memorable and amazing web3 experience by introducing GameFi, Social-Fi, DeFi, and a sustainable community-driven economy. 

Meanwhile, since the new innovation is connected to daily living activities, it will promote huger and better adoption of web3.


GYMmove Ecosystem Economy

GYMmove features a developing in-game economy that includes an in-app token and NFT collectibles. Its tokenized economy is powered by a BEP-20 $GYM token. The $GYM token will be released in a fair launch, an approach that fosters a community-driven fair economy.

It is the native token and main reward token of the game. However, there are no details about DAO governance activities yet. Further use cases and applications of the token in the ecosystem have not been disclosed.

With the $GYM token, GYMmove app users can upgrade and repair their smartwatch and unlock exclusive premium features. They can also resell their smartwatch with the token in the in-app marketplace for new players.

The total token supply is 50 million $GYM. A whopping 45% is dedicated to the GYMmove app, while 34% will go to Presale on Pinksale.

Token distribution

  • 34% – Presale
  • 17% – Liquidity
  • 45% (Locked) – Ecosystem App
  • 3% (Locked) – Team
  • 1% (Locked) – Pinksale


Presale Details

GYMmove presale

The Pinksale presale is a step towards building the app’s ecosystem economy. It will further attract early investors and traders to adopt the token at a discounted price before DEX launch. The presale will take place from May 4th, 2022, at 14:00 UTC to May 7th, 2022 14:00 UTC. After the presale, the token will go on live on Pancakeswap. Details of the presale are as follows:

  • Presale Address: 0xecE38da8E5a2e1d585c40f567902F617f225dbab
  • Token Name: GymMov Token
  • Token Symbol: GYM
  • Total Supply: 50,000,000 GYM
  • Tokens For Presale: 16,999,998 GYM
  • Soft Cap: 150 BNB


How To Use GYMmove Move To Earn App

To start earning with the GYMmove app, you must purchase an NFT smartwatch and start working out. You can also participate in in-app games to earn $GYM tokens.

Getting started with the app

To use the app, download the mobile client and sign up in the GYMmove app. Complete sign up with email address and log in with a verification key. Afterward, you can connect your crypto wallet to start earning.


Earn From Your Sweat

Web3 adoption is on the rise, and blockchain applications continue to provide mind-blowing yet amazing ways of going into web3. With GYMmove move-to-earn app, you do not need to know about crypto or NFTs before earning. 

All you need to do is build a healthy habit from burning calories from walking, running, cycling, or exercising your body. Earn crypto reward and NFT from your sweat while becoming physically active and fit.

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