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Are you looking for a simple and practical My Defi Pet Guide? Well, if yes, then keep reading. My Defi Pet is a popular NFT-based P2E pet grazing game. It has over 1 million total registered users right now, making it one of the most popular play-to-earn platforms in the world. My DeFi Pet has also seen over 3.3 million NFTs minted since it launched.

For folks thinking of trying their luck in the P2E space, this is one game you must consider seriously. In this My Defi Pet guide, you will learn crucial elements about the game including how to play and optimize your earning potential.

What is My DeFi Pet?

My DeFi Pet is a blockchain-based play-to-earn pet game. It is one of the few P2E platforms that combine traditional blockchain gaming with decentralized finance and NFT collectibles. The game was released in May 2021 on Kardiachain, the world’s first fully interoperable decentralized blockchain.

My DeFi Pet Monsters
Pet Monsters in My DeFi Pets. Source: Medium

The P2E game allows users to own virtual NFT-backed pet monsters. These monsters are central to its earning’s model. In fact, the in-game mechanics of My Defi pet is based on five key aspects related to these pets. They include breeding pets, collecting, evolving, battling, and trading.

Breeding gives you the opportunity to create a new generation of powerful pet monsters by combining two or more existing ones. Also, pet monsters in My DeFi pet can be evolved. They go through various stages and the further along they are in this evolution, the stronger they will be.

My Defi Pet also offers a PvP arena mode where players battle their pets to earn rewards. And finally, the game has established an in-game marketplace where you can trade pets and other NFT items like cages.

Pet Mastery in My Defi Pets
Judging Pets in My Defi Pet. Source: Medium.

Also, please note that all in-game transactions in My Defi Pet are conducted using the native utility token DPET. Whether you want to buy new pet monsters, breed, or evolve them, you will need DPET tokens for almost everything.

Live DPET price as per CoinMarketCap

My DeFI Pet Guide: How to Get Started

My Defi is a browser-based game. You don’t need to download it. Just head over to the My DeFi Pet site and click ‘Play Now.’ However, there are a few things you need to do first. Here is the full list:

  1. Download the Metamask wallet if you don’t have it yet. (The BNB Wallet Should Also Work.)
  2. Head over to Binance or any other centralized exchange and purchase BNB coins
  3. Transfer the BNB coins to your metamask wallet and head over to PancakeSwap. (You can use other Decentralized exchanges too)
  4. Once you are on PancakeSwap, swap your BNB tokens into DPET. (Your Metamask Wallet must be connected to PancakeSwap for this to happen).
  5. After getting your DPET tokens, head over to My DeFi Pet, Click Play Now, Select The BSC chain, connect your Metamask wallet, and you are ready to go.

How To Earn Big from My DeFi Pet?

This My Defi Pet guide won’t be complete without a breakdown of how to earn from the game. Despite recent headwinds in the crypto market, earnings from NFT P2E games have historically been robust.

In fact, data released by the Blockchain Game Alliance showed that in 2021 P2E earnings topped $2.3 Billion.

BGA Report Takeaway
Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) Report Highlights. Source:Blockchain Game Alliance

So, there is money to be made, and here are some ideas on how you can actually do this in My DeFi Pet:

Breeding and Trading Pets

The most profitable and perhaps the most enjoyable way to earn big from My DeFi pet is through breeding pet monsters and selling them in the marketplace.

  • Breeding basically combines 2 or more pets to create one unique super monster with its own attributes. To breed decent monsters that would easily fetch good returns, follow the tricks below:
  • Make sure you have land. You will need it to produce resources including food boxes to feed your pet monsters.
  • Choose breeding parents carefully. All bred monsters will have a combination of parent attributes.
  • Use your DPET tokens to evolve and transform your pets for better stats and abilities. It’s only when you reach the legendary status level that your pet will be able to participate in all in-game events.
Battle Pets My Defi
Pets in My DeFi Pet. Source: Medium

You may also want to upgrade your pets from the V1 mechanism to V2. This is actually a new feature and is somewhat controversial. However, your pets will have better stats and attributes when they are upgraded to V2. You can learn more about the V2 upgrade on this My DeFi Pet post.

PvP Battles for Rewards

You can also earn decent rewards by battling your pet monsters in PvP arena battles. Battle mode allows users to organize their pets into defense or attack mode. You then fight out to earn tokens and NFTs. The attributes of each pet included in the battle group determine the overall capability.

Pet Hunts My DeFi Pet
Exploring My DeFi Pet. Source: Medium

There are key five roles that each pet plays in a battle. This includes assassin, tank, support, control, and DPS. When you formulate a battle team, all these five attributes must be included for the best results. Now, arena battles are not for everyone and you must achieve certain levels to fully participate and optimize earnings.

In fact, the higher rank you reach, the more pets you can deploy in a battle. This will maximize your chances of winning big. For example, bronze-level players can only deploy a maximum of 3 pets in a battle group. This is very limited and won’t match up to more substantial teams.

Champion-level battle masters on the other hand can deploy up to 20 pet monsters. This obviously gives them a bigger edge. So, before you jump into arena battles, spend some time and DPET tokens to hone in your skills and improve your pet master levels as much as possible.

Collect Pets

If you are not really into P2E gaming or perhaps you have a day job, don’t worry. You can still earn passively with this My DeFI Pet guide by collecting pet monster NFTs, holding them, and selling them for a profit.  Users can acquire NFT pets in three main ways. This article also gives a starter guide on NFT trading.

Collect Pet Monsters
Pet Monster NFTs. Source: Medium

You can first purchase an egg and summon a new pet from it. We wouldn’t recommend this to a collector. Summoning is largely down to luck and there is no way of knowing the attributes of the pet that comes out. Folks can also breed their own pets but since you probably don’t have that time, it’s not much of a workable idea too.

The best option for a collector is to scan through the My DeFi Pet marketplace, find decent pet monsters with decent attributes, and then buy and hold.

Please note that the value of the NFT can go up and down depending on the dynamics of the broader crypto and NFT market.  This Bloomberg article shows how price dynamics can affect NFT holders. There is therefore some risk involved when you buy and hold My DeFi pets NFTs.

With this in mind, make sure you understand these risks and take measures to mitigate them. Also, stay updated with events in the market and all the factors influencing the price action of NFTs.

Any investment/financial opinions expressed by Play to Earn Diary are not recommendations. Our content is for educational purposes only. If you plan to invest in any game or cryptocurrency then please do your own research and only spend what you can afford to lose.

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