My Pet Hooligan: The New NFT Play To Earn Launching Soon!

My Pet Hooligan (MPH) is an interactive NFT video game project built in Unreal Engine 5.0 and based on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The team released the first NFT drop on the 13th and 14th of December 2021. It’s an NFT collection of 8,888 pet Hooligans. These Hooligan NFTs are the leading 3D rabbit characters of the game, and they’ll be interoperable with the project’s metaverse called the Rabbit Hole. 

MPH game is in the limelight due to its impressive statistics. It’s been only three weeks since the NFT launch, and there are already over 5.2K NFT holders, and the market cap is $17M. As of writing, the floor price is 1.5ETH,  more than 16x of the initial mint price, which was 0.08ETH. 

The community, karrotgang, is also strong, with its highly engaged 38K Discord members and 45K Twitter followers.

My Pet Hooligan


The team behind MPH

MPH is from AMGI Studios. The studio primarily focuses on real-time animations created with Unreal Engine. Previous clients include the famous bands Coldplay and BTS.

The team consists of ten core members. Colin Brady, the Chief Creative Officer and the Chief Technology Officer of the company,is known for his work on hit movies like Toy Story, Game of Thrones, and A Bug’s Life. In the past, he worked with veteran directors George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Martin Scorsese. 

The team has Kevin Mack as VR and videogame developer, Asif Zamil as smart contracts developer, and Carl Schembri as the Unreal specialist. The community and marketing manager goes by Luke Skyhopper.

A deeper look into the Hooligan NFTs

Once the game is released, Hooligans will function as playable characters in the metaverse. According to the game story, they are the slave bunnies who worked for years for their overlord Metazuckbot. One day, all managed to free themselves and started to fight to disrupt Metazuckbot’s company, Zuck Corp. 

Hooligans are built with a wide variety of traits:

  • Faction
  • Fur
  • Face
  • Shirt
  • Item
  • Top

There are seven factions: bunners, cypher buns, hare raisers, mutants, playboyz, punk bunnies, and rogue jumpers. Out of 8,888 NFTs, only 750 are mutants. 

According to, the rarest NFT is Hooligan #3243. This punk bunny has laser green eyes, which only two other Hooligans have. They are the top three NFTs of this project. 

The 8,888 Hooligan NFTs from the genesis drop will also act as a mint pass to future drops.

NFT owners will also receive 3D FBX files through which they’ll be able to animate their own content. This important feature differentiates My Pet Hooligan game from many other similar games. Not every NFT game allows players to have that much creativity.

my pet hooligan

Gameplay, tokenomics, and play-to-earn mechanisms of My Pet Hooligan

MPH is a player versus player (PvP) game. The beta version will launch in Q1 2022. This youtube video gives a glimpse into the development of the gameplay. 

The game will implement play-to-earn mechanisms which allow players to earn the in-game token $karrots while playing the game and staking their NFTs. 

Additionally, the MPH team introduced another token called KGOLD in the official Discord channel. Members compete in weekly challenges to earn it. In the past, having KGOLD enabled the members to get on the whitelist, which is called Hopper in the MPH circles. There will be other activations for KGOLD in the future, but it’s only for Discord. $karrots will remain as the only in-game token. 

Future Plans

The launch of the $karrots token, the beta version, staking of Hooligans, and 3D FBX files for NFT holders are planned for Q1 2022. A member-exclusive merch store will also launch during that time, featuring limited-edition goodies.

A new NFT drop, called “Others” will be released to introduce the new characters of the gameplay. 

More gamification in Discord and new utilities for KGOLD are also in 2022 plans. 

All these steps set out on the project’s roadmap make the My Pet Hooligan game as exciting as it gets for its supporters.

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