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Nakamoto Games, a leading participant in the gaming sector, recently announced the commencement of the first edition NETRIS World Challenge. This exciting news coincided with the introduction of their latest creation, the game NETRIS, which is now ready for its official release.

The Launch of the NETRIS World Challenge

NETRIS World Challenge launching showcases Nakamoto Games’ ongoing dedication to expanding and enhancing its range of gaming options. This latest addition comes after the successful introduction of over 200 games within the company’s ecosystem, highlighting their unwavering commitment to providing diverse and engaging gameplay experiences for their users.

NETRIS draws inspiration from the classic 1984 game Tetris, originally developed by Russian software engineer Alexey Pajitnoc. By incorporating this iconic game into their collection, Nakamoto Games aims to offer users a blend of nostalgia and innovation, providing a gaming experience that is both familiar and fresh.

Launching on Friday, July 14, NETRIS presents players with a single-player mode that mimics the charm of the classic Tetris, taking them on a journey down memory lane. Looking ahead, Nakamoto Games has future plans to introduce a multiplayer version, adding even more excitement for users.

The highly anticipated NETRIS World Challenge aligns its timing with the Official World Championship in Tetris and aims to create a globally competitive platform. Being celebrated as the inaugural decentralized gaming world cup, this event offers players the opportunity to engage in 1:1 tournaments and contend for thrilling rewards.

The Aim is to Boost User Engagement

In their continuous effort to enhance user engagement, Nakamoto Games has reached a milestone of 20,000 gameplay instances, and they are now steadily approaching their goal of surpassing 30,000 gameplays on the platform.

To further encourage activity, the company intends to introduce a new feature—a bot that enables players to challenge one another through their Official Telegram Channel. This exciting addition will enable gamers to invite their friends and other users to join them in the gaming experience.

While the exact start date and duration of the NETRIS World Challenge have not been officially announced, the excitement surrounding the competition is soaring. Users are eagerly anticipating comprehensive details about the rewards for the event and are eagerly looking forward to further updates from Nakamoto Games in the near future.

More on Nakamoto Games

Nakamoto Games is a Web3 gaming platform that offers a variety of engaging and addictive crypto games. The platform aims to provide significant earning opportunities for both gamers and non-gamers as the demand for crypto gaming is expected to increase.

The company’s objective is to attract gamers and game developers alike by offering the necessary tools to launch and monetize their gaming creations on the platform. The platform is not focused on a single game but is building an entire ecosystem for play-to-earn games.

Nakamoto Games continually releases new play-to-earn games, ensuring that gamers always have fresh content to choose from and the platform never becomes monotonous. Third-party developers are incentivized to integrate their games on the platform via Nakamoto’s SDK, resulting in an increase in the number of games launched on the platform.


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