Chibi Dinos

Chibi Dinos is an up-and-coming BSC-based NFT play-to-earn sports game. Originally, Chibi Dinos is a collection of unique NFT assets with specific attributes and traits. The collection features a set of 10,000 2D uniquely generated collectible creatures called Chibi.

Chibi Dinos is an NBA player-backed project. Therefore Each creature wears a jersey of their basketball team. Meanwhile, there are 10 different basketball teams in the Dino verse, and each Chibi belongs to one of the clubs.

The Chibi Dinos game is set in a fantasy Chibiverse. At the heart of the Chibiverse is the Planet Hoop, a distant planetary body of the Chibi Dinos. On the planet, basketball is the main theme of social events in its society.

In the Hoop, the Chibi Dinos perform all their daily activities within the Primal Hoop. The Chibi Dinos live in a society rich with history and tradition. Meanwhile, their home was thrown into disarray years before the formation of the Unity. The disaster destroyed Planet Hoop’s sacred Orb. In the quest to find the remnants and repair the Orb and perform the Primal Hoop rites, Chibis scorned their planet and beyond.

Meanwhile, they didn’t relent in their adventure to acquire big scores or new skills while they vie for the Legendary Chibi status.

Chibi Dinos Gameplay

Chibi Dinos feature immersive gameplay with an exciting lifestyle and gaming experience. The game includes one main game mode that spans 3 distinct regular game modes. Meanwhile, its modes feature several play to earn opportunities while connecting with the Chibiverse, competing in modes, and building a community.

Primal Hoop

The Primal Hoop is the main gaming activity of the Planet HOOP. This mode is divided into two different modes, the PVP and the Adventure mode.

The first model of the Primal Hoop features a competitive arcade basketball gaming mode. This game mode is aided by Chibiverse’s unique environment, which allows players to perform exciting stunts. The mode features basic basketball movements and abilities like passing, stealing, shooting, blocking, dunks, and special movements. Players can participate in basketball competitions with 1v1 or 3v3 modes. The maximum substitute on the bench is 2.

This game mode is based on scores. Therefore, the team with the highest score wins this game mode. Also, winnings positively affect the team’s level. The level ranges from 0-100, and it depends on how consistently a player wins with their team. Team level enables players to win in-game rewards, potion, and gear rewards.

Adventure Mode

The second mode of the Primal Hoop is the Adventure mode. Here, players can set out on quests by completing missions and exploring the planet Hoop.

This model is significantly different from the arcade mode as it features more exciting exploration and opportunities. Chibis will gain more rewards, including EXP, gears, ski tree, level up, and also breed new creatures in this mode. In addition, agers can also fight a wider range of villains and enemies in this mode.

Chibi Dinos Objectives and Play-To-Earn opportunities

The Chibi Dinos focus on blending entertainment with mouthwatering perks for its players. It features a robust ecosystem with a fully established economy that supports innovative play-to-earn activities. Meanwhile, the game features exclusive partnerships with top firms to bring the best for its users and players. With this, Chibi Dinos positions itself as an important driving force for sport and NFT gaming.

Players can earn with Chibi Dinos in various ways. Typically, they can earn by engaging in various gaming activities especially competing in the Primal Hoop Basketball game. Players can also earn token and NFT rewards by completing game challenges. Players can also breed and grow Chibis which are NFT assets for sale in the marketplace. Other earning opportunities are;

  • Staking and farming in-game tokens for yield rewards
  • Renting and leasing in-game characters
  • Selling resources and gears
  • Staking high-level rarity Chibi
  • Participating in Chibiverse DAO governance

Chibi Dinos Economy: Token and Assets

Chibi Dinos and its entire verse feature a dual token system. The game features a robust economy that powers its play to earn model.

SWAG token is a BEP-20 BSC token. It is the main in-game token And also the game’s main reward token that players can earn from engaging in various gaming activities. It is useful for various in-game consumable activities, including hatching eggs, naming your Chibi, purchasing some gears, and entry for special events. The token is also useful for staking and yield farming for passive rewards.

Players will earn SWAG tokens in the Primal Hoop events. Also for completing challenges, adventures, and drafting Dinos.

Another ecosystem token is the HOOP token. This is the game’s main utility and governance token. It is the main reward token in key tournaments and special events. As a utility token, players can use HOOP to purchase gears and resources. It is also useful for training, buying, and selling Chibis in the marketplace.

The BEP-20 token has a mac supply of 350,000,000 units. Meanwhile, it also serves as the governance token that enables players to participate in the decision-making process of the game.

Other In-game Assets

Other assets include real estate assets like land, gyms, and boot camps. Also, gears, potions, and equipment are available.

Players can purchase real estate assets like lands and gyms once they attain the Legendary status. With this, they can set up Chibi Dinos boot camps where they can stake their assets for in-game and yield rewards.

Gear and Equipment

These are addons for the Chibis. They give attribute boost and in-game advantage to the creatures. Players can equip gears at the Head, Torso, Pants, Tails, and Accessories.

Players can earn fears from Adventure modes, quests, and puzzles. They can also earn from mints and limited collaborations.

GULP Potion

These are BEP-721 consumables. They are useful for leveling up creatures during in-game activities. GULP tokens have varying distinct attributes and characteristics.

In-game Marketplace

As mentioned earlier, Chibi Dinos feature an extensive real-world economy. However, it wouldn’t be complete without a proper in-game marketplace. It gives the whole gaming ecosystem and participants the ability to engage in various economic activities.

The marketplace will allow players to trade, purchase, and exchange assets. Assets include gears, dinos, dinos eggs, potions, and in-game tokens. It will also feature assets and resources rent, leasing, and auctions. Players can also outrightly purchase items without bidding.

Since the whole game’s ecosystem is player-driven, the marketplace is built to focus on user convenience. Meanwhile, it is also user-friendly and easy to use.

Furthermore, players can connect their wallets to the Primal Hoop and control their assets directly. They can also interact with the game’s ecosystem and access its benefits.

Team: The Unity

Chibi Dinos is developed by a team of highly skilled and experienced experts, a group named The Unity. The team aims at building a magic haven for its players. Also, to provide a high-quality gaming experience that costs nothing. Sean Kelly and Arielriv lead the team as its co-founder. Other notable members and their roles are as follows:

  • Jeremy2795 – Chief Executive Dino
  • LostNotes – Chief Creative Dino
  • HoudiniLogic – Chief Dino Operation Director
  • CapperNFT – Chief Dino Officer
  • Aug – Director of Dino Marketing
  • MiniPancake – Chief Tech Dino
  • Shady – Master of Coin
  • AAron – Chief Financial Dino
  • Phar Lap’s Offspring – Tech Dino

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