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Nexon has unveiled plans to venture into blockchain gaming with the planned development of the MapleStory metaverse. The metaverse will have an integrated P2E model with a wide range of NFTs to support it.

The MapleStory franchise is already a very popular MMORPG title. Bringing it on the blockchain will help unlock further potential and expand its fan base in the near future.

Nexon’s MapleStory Metaverse: Details

There is actually very little info right now about the MapleStory metaverse and how it’s going to look. In fact, this announcement came just a few days ago during the Nexon Developers Conference. Despite this, there are still some important details that we already know.

First, the MapleStory metaverse is likely going to have a multiplatform approach. It will be available for mobile, PC and web users. Also, the game itself will be based on the already popular MapleStory game franchise.

Most elements of the game will be imported into its metaverse. The only difference now is that users will get to enjoy a play-to-earn model.

Nexon has also announced that its flagship gaming project for this metaverse will be called ‘Maple Story N’. The game will be an immersive adventure series with open-world exploration, battles, and additional exciting features.

The Play to Earn Model and How it Will Work

Nexon has also released its revenue model for the game. So, the plan is to make the game free to play in the first place. However, a small commission will be levied on all NFT purchases within the game.

The revenue generated from these commissions will be shared between Nexon and its community. Nexon wants to incentivize users to play by rewarding the most active participants. In essence, active players will get a bigger share of the gaming commission.

MapleStory’s Sandbox for Game Customization

Nexon will also try to give users more power to customize the game as much as possible. To this effect, the developers will launch a sandbox called MOD N.

Here, players can modify the MapleStory environment, add some creative touches to the gameplay, and customize the gaming experience to their liking.

In fact, there is even a plan to allow users to create their own games within the MapleStory metaverse. This will likely help improve engagement but more importantly, it gives the community power to control the game.

Nexon also notes that importing NFTs from other games will be possible. So far, the developer has not released details on supported NFTs and how this will work. But based on these early announcements, it is clear that Nexon is creating a more integrated ‘MapleStory N’ P2E game. The metaverse will also be expansive with immense possibilities.

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