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Immutable X has just added the NFT platform NFTrade as a new partner. This partnership will unlock exciting new possibilities.

With the addition of @NFTradeOfficial, gamers can now access a whole new realm of NFT possibilities. This partnership is just one more step towards bringing NFTs to the mainstream and revolutionizing the gaming industry.

It’s an exciting time for NFT enthusiasts and gamers alike. Immutable tweeted: “We’re excited to announce that
NFTrade is officially live on ImmutableX! We are ready to bring gaming to the next level with scalable GameFi NFTs. Shop on the first decentralized multi-chain NFT platform, marketplace and indexer #onIMX.”

And NFT Trade echoed these remarks. The NFT company tweeted: “We’re excited to announce that NFTrade is officially live on @Immutable!

“We are ready to bring gaming to the next level with scalable GameFi #NFTs  Shop for world-class NFTs from your favorite games #onIMX.”

How is the community reacting to the news?

Twitter is buzzing after Immutable revealed its brand new partner, NFT Trade. But what are Web3 enthusiasts saying? Let’s take a peek at some of the most interesting reactions on the social media platform.

For instance, Twitter user GEM Detectors decided to celebrate the news with a GIF that showed how the user felt about NFTrade collaborating with IMX. GEM Detectors said: “#NFTrade is finally live #onIMX”

Twitter user Dr Barry had another idea. He tweeted: “Such a huge partnership deserves a celebration or what do y’all think?” 

No special offers have been announced yet, but it begs the question of whether Immutable or NFTrade will announce a way to celebrate the brand-new partnership. We’ll keep our eyes peeled and let you know when we find out.

Another Twitter user praised the Web3 companies for building in a bear market. And indeed, the ability to build in a bear market will make users optimistic about the future.

As you can see, the reactions to the news were overwhelmingly very positive, with users praising the companies for making these bold moves in less-than-ideal market conditions.

Immutable continues to make important strides in the Web3 space. Its bold vision is a huge reason why NFTrade decided to collaborate with the Web3 giant.

NFTrade explains why it’s collaborating with Immutable

immutable x partners
Immutable X has several partners in the Web3 gaming industry to help it deliver on its ambitious mission. Image source: Immutable X

In a blog post announcing the new collaboration, NFT Trade explained why it’s collaborating with Immutable. The gist of the NFT platform’s explanation is about Immutable’s ability to solve Ethereum’s most profound problems with scalability.

While Ethereum remains the leading platform for NFTs and smart contracts, its current infrastructure is not able to handle the necessary throughput for mainstream adoption, NFT Trade claims.

Enter Immutable X, a new Layer-2 solution powered by Zero-Knowledge Rollup technology. This technology allows for batches of transactions to be processed off-chain before their on-chain verification, greatly reducing processing power and costs associated with using Ethereum’s mainnet.

Screenshot 2022 08 21 at 16.50.44
Gods Unchained is one of many exciting Immutable X projects that are shaping the future of Web3. Image source: Gods Unchained

NFT fans will no longer have to sacrifice speed and cost in order to enjoy the benefits of blockchain gameplay. This expedites the process for gamers, saving them time, money, and energy.

Gamers no longer have to worry about exorbitant transaction fees and can still have ownership over their in-game assets. This update is just the latest development in the growing world of NFTs and blockchain gaming.

Immutable X and NFTrade could be the solution that helps drive NFT adoption to the next level.

NFTrade: What’s it all about?

While Immutable X has been in the news over the last few months, NFTrade is just coming to the forefront. So what’s it all about?

NFTrade, a decentralized NFT platform, is making waves in the NFT market. As an indexer of NFTs across multiple blockchains, NFTrade offers a comprehensive solution for NFT creation, buying, selling, swapping, and farming.

In addition, the platform gives users complete control over their NFTs, unlocking the full value potential of NFT ownership. With its blockchain-agnostic approach, NFTrade is poised to revolutionize NFT trading and bring increased accessibility to the growing NFT market.

And with Immutable X by its side, who knows where this emerging NFT platform will go?

The YouTube video above provides an overview of what NFTrade is all about, including its many features. With NFTrade, users can unlock the full value potential of their NFTs. In short, NFTrade is set to shake up the NFT market and bring accessibility to all players in the space.

This new partnership promises lots of excitement and brand-new opportunities for Web3 enthusiasts. This update is just the latest development in the growing world of NFTs and blockchain gaming.

Bear market or not, certain Web3 companies are steaming ahead, and Immutable X and NFTrade are leaving their mark.

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