The Sandbox Monkeyverse Game Jam

The Sandbox returns with another exciting contest featuring OnChainMonkey. OnChainMonkey is an NFT collection that allows members the opportunity to explore the Monkeyverse, as well as several other benefits.

Previously, there was the OnChainMonkey VoxEdit contest, where users showcased their artistic talents. Well, now The Monkeyverse and The Sandbox are well and truly colliding. Let’s find out more about this exciting game jam crossover. 

What is OnChainMonkey?

OnChainMonkey is a PFP NFT (profile picture NFTs) collection. The collection is on-chain in a singular transaction, led by a passionate team. Three of its team members acquire some constructive and unique experiences that add to the collection’s value.

Sandbox Game; An Overview of a Groundbreaking Virtual World
Source: Metamandrill

For example, Danny Yang founded Taiwan’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, whereas Amanda Terry served as a media business development executive for Twitter, as well as NBC.

Additionally, there is Bill Tai, an investor in Zoom, Canva, and Wish. The OnChainMonkey community is budding and creating businesses within Web3. With the message to ‘do well and do good’, the platform aims to create value for token holders while doing good for everyone involved. 

What is a Game Jam? 

The Sandbox is an ecosystem that allows creators and creatives to get involved with experiences and building in the game. A game jam is a contest for game designers and players.

Source: OnChainMonkey

To use game jam, you need Game Maker software. This software should relate to the game’s theme and can be an independent project as well as a group project. If necessary, there are lots of helpful resources when looking at game jams. 

Once a game jam has been completed, you can upload it to the game maker gallery with the name, followed by ‘game jam’. This will now prompt you to complete an entry form, and your game jam will go to the contest. The game jam will hopefully be judged by The Sandbox developers, as well as partners of the game. 

OnChainMonkey and The Sandbox Game Jam! 

Quoted from their Medium post, after showcasing talents on the OnChainMonkey VoxEdit contest, it’s time to give life to these amazing creations. This is the opportunity to show your visions of the Monkeyverse in voxel, and the rewards are pretty unmissable. 

OnChainMonkey VoxEdit Contest. Let's go BANANAS🍌 | by The Sandbox | Aug, 2022 | Medium
Previous Voxedit Contest. Source: Medium

The rewards will be given to ten lucky players, each gaining a certain amount of SAND. 30,000 SAND will be divided among ten lucky players. Let’s take a look at how it will be divided. 

  • First place: 12,000 SAND and 1 Genesis OnChainMonkey
  • Second Place: 7,000 SAND and 1 Karma OnChainMonkey
  • Third Place: 4,000 SAND and 1 Karma OnChainMonkey
  • Fourth to Tenth Place: 1,000 SAND each

These rewards are super exciting, and voting will be done internally by the staff of The Sandbox and OnChainMonkey. 

When Does the Game Jam Begin? 

The Game Jam begins on October 5th, tomorrow. The deadline to complete and send off your Monkeyverse submission is 30th October 2022, at 3pm UTC. When it comes to finding out your results, voting will take place from October 31st, to November 25th. Finally, the long-awaited results will be released on December 3rd.  

Announcing The Sandbox Game Jam. We are very excited to announce the… | by The Sandbox | The Sandbox | Medium
Building for Game Jam. Source: Medium

What are the Game Jam Guidelines? 

The guidelines for the Game Jam are pretty simple. Firstly, your Game Jam entry must be designed in the Game Maker software.

This ensures everything is consistent and fair for all players involved. Additionally, your entry can include assets you have created yourself. Of course, The Sandbox promotes creativity and individuality, so including your own assets in creations is encouraged.

Your entry for the Game Jam must be unique and not a copy of any existing experience on The Sandbox. If there are similarities, this is acceptable; copies, however, will not be.

When uploading your experiences to the gallery, never try to upload multiple low-quality experiences in order to better your chances of achieving the top 10. This will likely hinder your chances of getting into the top 10 and will probably get you disqualified. 

Make sure you’re following the submission steps below clearly. Otherwise, your experience may not be eligible for judging. 

Entry Rules

Let’s take a look at the submission steps for the OnChainMonkey experience.  Firstly, the game length should last at least five minutes, and this should include timed tasks and collection quests. Anything less than five minutes does not give your experience a good chance of success and creativity. 

Additionally, try to use at least 25/30 different assets. This will diversify your experience and use everything you can to make it amazing. 

The experience must have been created after the start date of the OnChainMonkey announcement. For example, you cannot submit an experience you have been working on for two years, as this is irrelevant to the task. Previous experiences built for previous Game Jams are also not acceptable. 

Finally, you should be away that The Sandbox staff hold the right to remove anything they need to, especially if they do not see it as fit.

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