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It is no surprise that web traffic and research interest in P2E/NFT games have increased. We feel it has become our responsibility to talk about the games in this space that can be duly accredited for this shift. Therefore, in this article, we will be focusing on the “alleged” greatness of the games that we, as an entire community have come to love. However, accrediting some of these games does not mean that we are taking away credit from the games that are not listed here. This is an entire ecosystem. And as we know, for an ecosystem to evolve, every organism/agent has to conduct its role dutifully.

As you will see, most games in this list have been elaborately reviewed by us in our previous articles. Therefore, today we will focus our attention on the contributions that these games have made to the market only. 

The Sandbox

The Sandbox
A behemoth NFT game. – Image Source: The Sandbox

This is the metaverse that we have featured time and time again in our articles. Whether we are talking about record-breaking deals, aggressive marketing, or immersive and impeccably layered gameplay, the Sandbox has it all. The impact the game has had on the space has been enormous. Holding Active Sales and the Number of Wallets as our two indicators, it is safe to concur that the Sandbox commands roughly 16 to 20 percent of the market share.

This metaverse has largely been driven by innovation. Sometimes competition-induced, other times resource-facilitated. Created by PIXOWL Inc. The Sandbox altered the course that the market was taking. But How? The Sandbox focused on bringing something that connected with the wider audience better than just an MMORPG gameplay with fantasy lore. Real Estate. The Sandbox understood the assignment much earlier than anyone else did. The key was to give the consumer a well-done replica of what he/she already had in the real world. Something which would enable the consumer to live an alternate life. This is how the Sandbox genuinely changed the way P2E games were thinking. 

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity
One of the best NFT games in the market. – Image Source: Axie Infinity

Next up, we have another familiar name. Hop into our archives and you will see a dozen pieces on this title. What came up as a cute getaway with virtual pets from reality turned into a MASSIVE whale in the P2E industry. Just like the Sandbox, Axie Infinity did a really good job with well-planned and precise marketing. But we are sure that as you go through the article ahead, you will realize that effective marketing has been a common characteristic among the elite.

Axie Infinity did a really good job of captivating the player/trader base that they got. This was done by a well-thought regime of consecutive and relevant worldwide events. These events offered attractive incentives to play more and tugged at the effort and attention being provided by the audiences.

Axie Infinity has also mustered an impressive 22% market share (analyzing through the same indicators as mentioned above) in the P2E gaming industry, with a price of one $AXS shard touching USD 18. The game redefined how the market was making use of in-game and physical events. This helped the market understand the true potential of off-game incentives and allowed the market to cash in on the rewards. 


How to play Decentraland
A beautiful landscape. – Image Source: Decentraland

Often called out as a direct competitor to the Sandbox, Decentraland has been making waves left and right. Aside from the whopping 60% market share in P2E metaverses, Decentraland has done a good job closing some high-profile corporate partnerships and deals. Landing “LANDowners” like TerraZero and building areas like the “Fashion District” surely have to be two of virtual real estate’s biggest steps.

Other than gigantic brand deals, Decentraland and Sandbox have done a good job of providing a mechanism to group or ungroup LANDs. The introduction of ESTATEs in the metaverse has been another masterstroke for the game. It allows for more scaling INSIDE the metaverse, which would ultimately help the metaverse’s tokenomy. One $MANA is being traded for 0.965 USD; this makes the $MANA one of the most competitive currencies in the circuit. How is this a good thing people might ask? Well, we are simply going to refer them to the universal rules of supply and demand. A lower price than the competition is what helps Decentraland further the philosophy of predatory commerce. Something evident by its humongous market share. 

Gods Unchained

Card games blockchain
Unchain the Gods. – Image Source: Gods Unchained

This is probably the only game in this list that has not been discussed extensively in our articles. This is convenient because it is also the only trading card game on this list. Now that does not, in any way mean that card games are boring and do not deserve a place on this list. Quite the opposite actually. It is much more difficult to differentiate card games from each other. The margin of creating a distinctive trading card game for those already existing in the market is seemingly, very little. There is little room for gameplay innovation in a 2D trading card game. Any card game that has earned a reputation featuring on this list would be doing something well out of the ordinary.

With almost 27 percent market share in the P2E games market, Gods Unchained has excelled at a very impressive tokenomy. The distribution, mint, and burn mechanisms of the in-game token have surely been one of the unique selling points of the title. 

StepN: Move to Earn

Are you ready to move and earn? – Image Source: StepN

The next game that we have for you, is only a fish when compared to the sharks mentioned before it. We decided to pick the last title based not on market size, but on what we thought had the most futureproof potential, presenting to you a new niche, M2E (Move-To-Earn).

StepN seems to be commanding an elaborate mix of, 1) Effective Marketing, 2) A SMART Vision, 3) A universally applicable product with a wide target audience, and much more.
Combining the most sophisticated gameplay mechanics with the most sophisticated earning models, backed by a thoroughly committed CSR approach (Corporate Social Responsibility), StepN has already raised a LOT of eyebrows.

The title is growing at an unprecedented rate. This P2E game has done a good job of making the greener side of crypto commerce open to the public. 


All these games have built massive social communities; they say they have a huge indicator of their success in the lives of A LOT of people.

However, with newer and newer innovations, we can only see the potential of this market going up. Many ideas and execution strategies are still left on paper that need a practical design. And, maybe only then will we be able to boost the total capacity utilization of this market.

One thing is certain: as long as consumer-led investments in an economy are a thing, the markets will also keep dishing out shinier and more polished products. Maybe we owe it to capitalism, after all.




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