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Parallel Alpha is a flagship game project by the Echelon Prime Foundation. Echelon is a decentralized non-profit organization that provides tools to support the P2E gaming ecosystem. It has the PRIME token, an ERC-20, at its center. The platform includes a limited supply of PRIME to allocate resources, create smart contracts, and issue NFT protocols. 

Its first-ever game Parallel Alpha is a trading card game (TGC) with a science-fiction theme. It combines the elements of physical cards games with NFT technology and play-to-earn mechanisms. 

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Parallel Alpha NFT P2E Game
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The PRIME Token

The utility token of the Echelon ecosystem is PRIME. Players can spend it to access special game features. The team distributes the rewards also as PRIME tokens. In the future, PRIME will also function as a governance token. 

An important portion of PRIME is devoted to P2E rewards. However, the Echelon team plans to grant some tokens to other game projects that run through their ecosystem. 

The total supply is 111,111,111.111. The distribution of the total supply is as follows. 

  • Play-to-earn pool: 30% 
  • Staking pool: 6.26%
  • NFT Staking pool: 11%
  • Asset owners: 6.50%
  • Team: 15.40%
  • Game Token Reserve: 4.6%
  • Ecosystem Investors: 16.24%
  • Echelon token reserve: 10%

Gameplay and NFT Cards

Parallel Alpha’s gameplay consists of player-to-player matches. During these matches, players strategically build decks from NFT cards to compete against other players. 

Exactly 529 Parallel Alpha Card NFTs exist in total. You can purchase them from the secondary market on OpenSea. There are five distinct factions known as Parallels in the game. Each NFT card belongs to one of these factions. 

Parallel Alpha NFT Cards
You can purchase Parallel Alpha’s NFT cards on OpenSea.

In the game, each player represents one of the Parallels. Each deck must contain 40 cards from a single Parallel. Apart from the cards, players must choose a Paragon. Paragons offer unique passive and active abilities depending on the Parallel selected for building the deck. 

Game Features and Play-to-Earn Models

  • PvP match game mode is known as the Ladder mode. In this mode, players earn the game’s native token PRIME as a reward for winning matches. Players can also earn monthly incentives like in-game cosmetics and additional cards based on their rankings. 
  • Sector mode allows both single-player and multiplayer matches. It functions similar to Ladder mode, but here players can replace their cards with better ones when they progress in the game and win. Also, they can earn other rewards and PRIME tokens after winning.
  • There’s the Rookie Queue mode for new players who want to get familiarized with the gameplay. In this mode, you’re given a starting deck with unmodifiable cards. Since it’s a training mode, play-to-earn rewards are very low in this mode. However, you can gain experience and increase your rankings by playing in Rookie Queue. Hence, you can start to play in other modes and earn more.
  • Finally, a unique Key Framing system allows players to use various keys to modify how they earn rewards. For instance, galaxy keys unlock random amounts of additional incentives; overlock keys enable players on a winning streak to earn extra PRIME tokens. In addition, there’re morph keys and mirror keys. Players can attach morph keys to a specific card that also brings additional PRIME tokens during the final stage of the gameplay. And lastly, thanks to mirror keys, it’s possible to receive all key bonuses that the opponent possesses. 

Future Plans

The team’s primary focus is to open Echelon’s infrastructure to other games in the P2E community. 

There are also plans to incorporate new features into the Parallel Alpha game. They include metaverse-ready 3D assets and several extended reality experiences. 


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