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CyberKongz, in partnership with Axie Infinity, has just revealed the commencement of the “Genkai x Axie Art Contest.” This special event will take place from July 28th to August 11th, giving artists the opportunity to display their skills and potentially win one of three exclusive Genkai NFTs.

The communities of CyberKongz and Axie Infinity come together in a creative way through their joint art contest called “Genkai meets Axie.” This inclusive competition allows individual artists to submit multiple entries, fostering a spirit of collaboration. However, to ensure fairness, each participant can only win a single prize.

After the successful public minting of the Genkai collection on the Ronin blockchain on July 27th, CyberKongz continued its festivities by initiating the art contest. The minting of over 3,000 CyberKongz Genkai NFTs was a groundbreaking achievement on Ronin, not affiliated with Axie Infinity. The art competition aims to further solidify the connection between the two communities.

How to Participate

Artists who wish to take part in the contest are required to produce artwork that embodies the theme “Genkai meets Axie.” Submissions are open to a wide range of mediums, including traditional painting, modern 3D digital art, and even innovative approaches like TikTok NPC dancing.

To take part in the contest, participants must share their artwork on Twitter using the hashtag #GenkaiAxieArt and mention both the CyberKongz and Axie Infinity accounts. Submissions will be accepted until the deadline on August 11th, followed by a week-long judging period. The artworks will be evaluated based on their creativity, originality, quality, and how well they align with the theme. The winners will be publicly announced on August 21st.

More on CyberKongz

CyberKongz is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) project and a decentralized community in the blockchain space. It is known for its collection of unique digital art featuring pixelated gorilla characters called “CyberKongz.” Each CyberKong is represented as an NFT, which means it is a one-of-a-kind digital asset stored on the blockchain, giving it verifiable scarcity and ownership.

The project gained popularity in the NFT and crypto community due to its engaging art, collectible nature, and active community. CyberKongz became part of the growing trend of NFT-based projects that gained traction in the blockchain space, particularly in the Ethereum ecosystem.

What initially began as an assortment of Pixelized Gorilla Profile Pictures (PFPs) has now evolved into a comprehensive ecosystem comprising 2D PFPs, 3D Avatars, a Utility Token called $BANANA, metaverse wearables, redeemable vouchers, and a multitude of other features and offerings.


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