CryptoBlades announces its partnership with blockchain game launcher Flame. Image source: CryptoBlades

Popular play-to-earn Blockchain game CryptoBlades has announced it will be launching on Flame as part of a new partnership. Flame styles itself as “Steam for Web3” and is a popular multi-chain wallet and game launcher designed to work with NFT and blockchain games in the Web3 space.

The two blockchain projects will be holding a live Q&A session at 9 AM ET (August 26) on Twitch to allow fans of the game to ask questions. The link to the AMA session can be found here.

The CEO of CryptoBlades, Philip Devine, and the Chief Product Officer of Flame, Rick Ellis, will be attending and answering questions from the audience.

The announcement on Twitter reads as follows: “We are thrilled to announce that CryptoBlades will be launching on @flamestore_xyz.

“In 3 words, Flame is “Steam” for Web3.

“Join our AMA with Philip Devine and Rick Ellis from Flame, on Friday 26th 9:00 am ET”

Flame also tweeted about the new partnership with CryptoBlades. The Web3 game launcher said:

We’re thrilled to announce that CryptoBlades is launching on Flame!  

“A multichain Web3 RPG, CryptoBlade players can forge unique weapons, slay their enemies, and participate in raids!

“Follow us for updates on the upcoming beta!” 

CryptoBlades Flame Partnership: Overwhelmingly positive reception from the community

After CryptoBlades announced their partnership with Flame, several committed gamers and fans of the projects reacted to the news.

CryptoBlades’ Twitter following sits at just over 160,000 now, while Flame has a slightly smaller community of just 1,200 fans.

And the community made sure it voiced its opinion on the partnership as the news attracted several comments and reactions.

Twitter user sooyaa said: “Partnerships here and there. This team isn’t stopping.”

Twitter user Low Chart Tom decided to use GIFs to show his opinion of the new project.

And Twitter user Omni decided to use a clever pun to show their enthusiasm for the new collaboration. Omni said: “cryptoblades on flames? its lit.”

What exactly is Flame?

Flame is aiming to be the Steam of Web3; a trusted game launcher where Web3 gamers can discover and download legitimate blockchain games.

Essentially, Flame provides a one-stop shop for all blockchain players’ gaming needs, including a non-custodial wallet, an integrated marketplace, and a decentralized distribution platform and ecosystem for blockchain games.

Flame’s vision is to solve an important problem emerging in the Web3 blockchain gaming community; blockchain games are becoming more popular, but they are also becoming more difficult to access with multiple interfaces and scams abound.

Splinterlands wallpaper ultimate guide
Splinterlands is one of the many popular blockchain games that partnered with Flame to deliver a seamless experience to Web3 gamers everywhere. Image source: Splinterlands

Flame is solving important Web3 gaming problems

In order to make it easier for users to find and play crypto games, a trusted hub is needed. This hub should be a place where users can find games that are safe to play and easy to download. This is where Flame comes in.

And with popular partners like Splinterlands, Incarnate, and Project Pigeon, there’s plenty to choose from. CryptoBlades is the latest blockchain game to join the Flame guild, but other popular projects are sure to follow suit.

And why not? Flame provides several user-friendly features to players who opt to discover, download, and play games through the Web3 game launcher.

Crypto Blades Presents PvP Tournament: 1,100$ Prizes & Much More
CryptoBlades is the latest blockchain game to partner with Flame. Image Source: CryptoBlades

This includes non-custodial logins so users are able to log in using an email and password or a social media account. Also, it has integrated marketplaces including OpenSea and Magic.

And because it is a multi-chain wallet, it can store, receive, and send cryptocurrencies and NFTs in the most popular blockchains, including Ethereum, Avalanche, Immutable X, and Binance. 

Flame is a fairly new project in the Web3 space but it’s quickly become a viable solution to an important problem in Web3 blockchain gaming.

What is CryptoBlades?

CryptoBlades is a Web3 blockchain game involving roleplaying and NFT elements. Players are rewarded the in-game currency, SKILL tokens, every time they defeat an opponent or participate in raids.


The game is based on four elements.  The elements include fire, water, lightning and earth. Characters and weapons alike are assigned an element which can increase or decrease a player’s chance of success when battling.

The elements operate on a rock-paper-scissors model, where, for example, fire trumps earth but is trumped by water.

To increase their chances of success, players can forge and reforge weapons, as well as choose their own opponent strategically.

crypto blades p2e
CryptoBlades is a popular blockchain game that involves strategy and collecting NFTs. Image source: CryptoBlades

Why is the CryptoBlades Flame partnership significant?

This new partnership is significant because it is another step toward legitimizing Web3 gaming and making it more user-friendly.

Many mainstream gamers are unsure about the crypto space as a whole. This means they steer clear of blockchain gaming. Even connecting their wallets can seem like a dangerous thing to do.

But projects like Flame make blockchain gaming accessible with a simple social log-in. They allow players to use their multi-wallet technology to make purchases via the platform.

Importantly, they allow players to find games they like in a trusted space where they know they won’t be scammed.

This is why it’s so key that Flame partners with popular games like CryptoBlades.

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