Pegaxy Game Announces Their New Noteworthy Update On May 31, 2022

Pegaxy continues the rally of pushing new updates and enhancing their gaming experience. This is the 2nd time in a single month that they are pushing a new update. So, do you want to know what this new update brings for you?

Non-fungible coins power the blockchain technology used in new games. Like Pegaxy, another NFT-based racing game created by Polygon, Pegaxy adopts a futuristic mythical design to provide the gamer with an engaging gaming experience.

What Is Pegaxy Game? 

‘Pegasus’ (Pegasus Galaxy) is the Greek mythological horse from whence the name ‘Pegaxy’ (Pegaxy) from. Here, the player faces off against 11 other players in PVP races with the chance to earn cash prizes.

Pegaxy is a simulation of a sports game. During peak season, it has around 21K people playing 24 hours a day, making it the second most popular game on Polygon. You may buy and sell NFTs depending on the breeding of Pega characters.

Depending on the stats of each player’s Pegas, they may win or lose. Also, they get VIS tokens. For the time being, they’ll be available as an app for smartphones and tablets. A metaverse land plot and expert gaming are also part of Pegaxy’s plans for stadium sales by the end of 2022.

For the decentralized game makers, Pegaxy’s cyberspace is based on Polygon/Matic Layers 2 for an Ethereum blockchain that is widely used.

There will be two forms of currency: one for usage in-game (the Pegaxy Stone) and the other for utility tokens (VIS-Vigorous).

Pegaxy – Bloodline

Each Pegaxy race has its own unique set of elemental characteristics, such as fire, wind, water, and speed. A Greek mythology-based plot is what Pegaxy hopes to provide as a home for the Pegasus. ”

For this reason, the Pegasus bloodline, each signifying a distinct degree or rarity, is a far more tempting experience for consumers. The extent of which is governed by the NFTs.

Because of this, each Pega has a unique set of capabilities. Therefore, whether you’re a Pega enthusiast or collector. If you’re just a casual player, don’t waste any time and acquire the best Pega you can find.

Pegaxy – Gameplay

Gamers are kept engaged by Pegaxy’s competitive gameplay and lucrative incentives at the same time. To get VIS, the game’s utility token, the player must finish in the top three of their race against 11 other competitors. As an alternative to breeding or renting out your Pega, you may sell your Pega for a profit and gain VIS in the process.

1. Racing

Pegaxy will evolve from an automated racer to a fully-fledged skill-based game with the passage of time and development. Learn the game’s mechanics and hone your abilities so you can master the game’s primary activity.

Because every race has a connection to a fundamental variable. Use your talents, tactics, upgrades, and meals to boost your chances of victory in the race you’re competing in.

2. Breeding

The more Pegas you have, the better off you’ll be if you decide to breed them. However, one must understand the nature of each lineage and other elements and breed properly to create a more robust and long-lasting generation of livestock.. As an example, when it comes to breeding, the most elusive lineage, Hoz, is the most prevalent.

Pegaxy Game Announces Their New Noteworthy Update On May 31, 2022

No precise requirements or circumstances are in place to determine the gender of a child, hence it is chosen on a 50/50 basis at this time. Pegaxy, on the other hand, may offer NFT foods that might have an impact on gender.

3. Renting

The Pegaxy renting system is one of the most secure and transparent systems available. Automated payout, an escrow account, is used by the system to disperse the rental earnings automatically under the rental agreement.

Fixed Rental, Profit Share, and Direct Rental are the three rental models offered by Pegeaxy. Owners and tenants alike may feel safe with Pegaxy’s security systems, which combine privacy with lightning-fast response times.

4. Buying and Selling

You may purchase or sell your assets on Pegaxy’s marketplace in two ways: Buy Now or Auction. Putting your NFT up for sale with a set price is the first option. Anyone who is interested will then pay that amount. Using the auction approach, you auction off your NFT and then give it away for the greatest amount you can get it for.

What This Noteworthy Update Brings To You?

A lot of effort has been put into making Pegaxy Game even better. Several notable improvements are now available from the Pegaxy team, each in its own way!

Pegaxy Game Announces Their New Noteworthy Update On May 31, 2022

  1. A redesigned market place that places an emphasis on the convenience and effectiveness of its users.
  2. In order to get the most out of your VIS use Genetic Fusing and a possible incentive-based breeding enhancement.
  3. The addition of “Lobby Selection” is a significant step forward in the evolution of gaming focused on strategy and ability.

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