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Since Philipp Plein started accepting payments for their fashion items in crypto last year, we knew something huge was coming. Meanwhile, they are also the first to do it amongst other brands in the fashion line. 

In the latest developments, Philipp Plein has set a new record as the first fashion line to have a brand new line in Decentraland. This latest development is barely a month after the fashion house acquired a $1.4 million virtual estate.

This new clothing line features humanoids, especially Decentraland. This project is part of a plan to advance further into the metaverse. There is no argument that the metaverse will replace the internet in the coming years. Philipp Plein, a leading crypto advocate, doesn’t want his company to be left behind.

Plein Sport: New Line For Philipp Plein In Metaverse

Plein Sport
Ready to move with Plein Sport? – Image Source: CoinQuora

The new launch also features several partnerships with top NFT and creative art firms. Apart from Decentraland, Plein is in partnership with Portion and Antoni Tudisco to launch Plein Sport in Decentraland

Plein Plaza
Having fun in Decentraland. – Image Source: Decentraland

Portion is one of the biggest NFT marketplaces with its recent $1.2 million digital estate. The project also features Antoni Tudisco, a world-class 3D digital and creative artist. Meanwhile, these partnerships will make the project reality in Plein’s 65 Decentraland parcel, the Plein Plaza.

The 65 parcels, the home ground of Plein Plaza, where Plein Sport and other Plein items will be the center of attraction. Robots in the form of human beings will be your guide into Plein Plaza as opposed to regular robots, models, or 3D Avatars.

The launch of Plein’s clothing line will include unique limited edition listings on Portion. Early collectors would be eligible to receive massive rewards. Tudisco would also grace the occasion with his digital wearables. Meanwhile, digital sneakers in the collection will be physically available for purchase during the latter part of the year. Now let’s talk about the intricacies of the partnership.

The Plein Sports Fashion Line X Tudisco and Portion

Going into the project, Portion will make the first sneaker drops on the 24th of February, with the subsequent drops to follow every month. Also, there would be 3D wearables in Decentraland. There would be an action for the Monster Gang Collection. This event will hold on the 3rd of March via Portion Marketplace.

Developments have already begun on the Plein Plaza, and the first is a 120-meter high digital skyscraper. There would be several departmental offices within the building. However, the first office in the building will be the MONA, that is, the Museum of NFT Arts. Philipp Plein’s initiative is to spotlight talented, young NFT Artists. 

Plein believes many NFT artists deserve a spot on the international scene in light of their uniqueness and creativity. This initiative would even attract more people into the metaverse. NFT Artists showcase their work on MONA, gain exposure and make sales.

The partnership between Philipp Plein and Tudisco has been dubbed “Crypto Kings,” and it’s about to get even better. On the launch date, the humanoids will give a tour of Philip’s art world in the metaverse. This will include all the digital collections Plein licensed to be put on display and a collection of unreleased NFTs by Crypto Kings. Philipp Plein and Tudisco have been dubbed “Crypto Kings,” and it’s getting even better. On the launch date, the humanoids will give a tour of Philip’s art world in the metaverse. This will include all the digital collections Plein licensed to be put on display and a collection of unreleased NFTs by Crypto Kings.

the humanoid robots
An emergent technology in robotics.

Romeo 0.1, the humanoid robot we’ve been talking about so far, is the first of its kind. There are only three of them in the world, and Romeo 0.1 will have the honor of kick-starting the event. 

Importance Of Philipp Plein’s New Line

Philipp Plein reaffirmed the importance and uniqueness of metaverse as a free world of creativity. They stressed the production of digitally concise and unique assets. Meanwhile, the platform will allow them to properly utilize it further to promote art, fashion, and Philipp Plein. 

The CEO of Portion, Jason Rosenstein, also expressed optimism about the project instead of people’s pessimistic view of the metaverse. He added that in coming there, there would be an extremely massive adoption of the metaverse and NFT. This development will further boost all metaverse ventures. Meanwhile, it is no doubt that with time, people who don’t believe in the metaverse will become promoters of the metaverse.

Tudisco expressed joy in their partnership: “I have watched NFTs become just as valuable as traditional art. I am excited to help Plein Plaza become a reality and see how many other fashion brands quickly follow Philipp’s lead.”

With this, we can expect more fashion lines to move into the Decentraland in the following weeks. This partnership will also give more exposure to all the parties involved.

Behind The Scene With Philipp Plein Group’s Lugano

The new clothing line indicates several years of extensive research. Several brands and lines are going into the metaverse, but this is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Meanwhile, it is not surprising to see the Plein Group dedicate years of research and development to its brand.

Philip Plein metaverse developments
Developments within the Metaverse.

For the brand’s success, the fashion house employed 25 out of more than 700 Plein Group employees to its digital-focused Lugano. The Lugano is a group’s digital department dedicated to developing and implementing digital solutions to clothing and fashion lines.

Therefore, Plein Sport results from Plein Group’s years of dedicated work to revolutionize and stay in vogue.

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