In a recent announcement, PicoNFT, a solution-oriented NFT platform, has announced that it has onboarded new loyalty innovations. While the platform has so far focused on all NFT enthusiasts, these new innovations are exclusively for the latest generation of humans. In short, they are for Generation Z and Millennial customers.

PicoNFT is an NFT platform that solves problems relating to integrated, end-to-end platform experience. It helps travel companies, marketers, and NFT enthusiasts offer NFT-branded travel content to their various online communities. Also, PicoNFT supports brands by allowing them to create artistic NFT designs through its ready-made templates. 

By onboarding the new loyalty capabilities, Gen Z and Millennial customers are sure to get several benefits. Also, the new NFT loyalty program will allow the brand to engage deeply with them – through NFTs. This way, the gospel of NFTs can be spread, allowing more people and industries to adopt the use of NFTs.

PicoNFT focus
PicoNFT is focused on bringing brands and customers closer via NFT utilities. Image Source: PicoNFT

PicoNFT Loyalty Rewards Program

Basically, the NFT loyalty rewards program launched by PicoNFT will allow companies to bank on NFT utilities. Here, they can assign benefits to various NFTs without the use of codes. Several benefits can be assigned, including free products, discounted prices, or additional services.

Also, the innovations will allow companies to assign additional benefits to NFTs even after the NFTs already carry value. In turn, customers or holders of these NFTs will have to redeem their benefits from the companies. This way, a great deal of connection is created between customers and the brands.

Furthermore, the processes involved are simple and easy. As a matter of fact, the new loyalty capabilities can be used to run NFT programs to achieve high impacts. This eases the workload on brands as well as redemption processes for customers.

Not only can NFTs be valuable, but they can also hold value. Image Source: The Economic Times

“The powerful new loyalty capabilities in PicoNFT help companies drive forward their strategies to acquire and engage Gen Z and Millennial customers,” said the founder of PicoNFT, Dave Dickson.

“Easy-to-use NFT reward and redemption features eliminate the complexity of delivering loyalty benefits in high-impact NFT programs and let brands instead focus on building their businesses.”

PicoNFT Loyalty Rewards

From discounts and exclusive brand items to VIP services and additional services, customers are sure to get the best experiences. In the same vein, these rewards can be accumulated, meaning that more can be added to the same NFTs. No matter the rewards, the new PicoNFT loyalty capabilities are here to ease the process.

NFTs are expected to become mainstream in the longer term. Image Source: Forbes.

Notably, the Loyalty Redemption feature allows brands to choose which redemption method is best. Consequently, customers will be able to either receive their rewards physically or digitally. Furthermore, the new PicoNFT loyalty reward program has the following features:

● Reward Creation: This allows companies to attach or assign one or more rewards to NFTs. These NFTs can be of various types including multimedia, artwork, or brand. Also, customers will be able to hold these tokens in their digital wallets.

● Reward Validation: Following the acquisition of NFTs by customers, companies can know who holds the fitting NFT for a specific reward. Similarly, they can verify if the NFT has not been redeemed or if it follows the redemption rules.

● Reward Redemption: By just scanning QR codes, companies can mark rewards as “redeemed”. This eases the stress of usual redemption formalities. On the part of the customers, the process is equally stress-free.

● Non-Stop Value Delivery: After assigning rewards to specific NFTs, that is not all. Brands can come back to add new benefits to the tokens. This way, customers can continue to get value for holding their NFTs. This keeps them connected to the Web3 platforms.

Benefits of NFTs
By assigning benefits to NFTs, brands can attract more customers especially Gen Z’s and Millennials. Image Source: IT Pro

Redeeming Benefits

After validation, holders of the “correct” NFTs will be given the rewards assigned to their non-fungible tokens. Similarly, the brands in question will be able to give out rewards and mark the redeemed benefits via QR code scanning. Interestingly, no special processes, applications, or logins are needed for the redemption process.

In the meantime, these loyalty NFT capabilities are available on an invite-only basis at the moment. More information concerning the innovations will be released by the PicoNFT team in due time.

Loyalty NFTs Help to Attract Customers

So far, several brands have utilized NFTs to attract customers to their Web3 platforms. And surprisingly, most of them worked. Even to date, many companies are still testing out NFT methods for customer engagement. This is because loyalty NFTs help to gain customers’ trust and attention.

By assigning utilities to NFTs, they show that not only can NFTs be valuable, but they can also hold additional value. In that regard, customers become interested in the Web3 project, and the story continues on a good note. That is what PicoNFT is trying to do with its new NFT loyalty program.

Also, this issue is backed by responses from consumers. For instance, a Web3 survey was carried out involving more than 700 online consumers in the United States. From the survey, 37.4% agreed that they would engage better with a brand if it released an NFT with attached rewards.

As mentioned earlier, the main idea behind PicoNFT’s latest NFT innovation is to attract Gen Z and Millennial customers. And it is achievable when exclusive brand benefits are attached to NFTs. In turn, brands will gain the desired engagement from Gen Z and Millennial customers, and customers will get rewarded. In short, it is a win-win for all parties.

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