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Popular lifestyle brand, PLBY Group Inc., owner of Playboy, has launched its latest NFT collection in The Sandbox. The collection of NFTs – known as Playboy Rabbitars – is a unique one that has a strong story attached to it. With the NFTs, players on The Sandbox will be able to tap into various experiences, unforgettable ones at best.

As announced, the Rabbitars are Playboy’s genesis PFP collection, and on The Sandbox, they will cause a huge turnaround of events. Also, they are available for purchase on the Playboy website. This way, players can enjoy an immersive experience, courtesy of Playboy and The Sandbox.

The Playboy Rabbitars have unique attributes, with each differing in creativity and style. While the Rabbitars seem to have special qualities, the launch is in line with The Sandbox’s goal. Since its establishment, the platform has sought to ensure that all players have great moments with the best launches and experiences.

What Are the Playboy Rabbitars?

According to Playboy, the Rabbitars are a special collection of 3D rabbit characters, exactly 11,953 of them. The exact number of Rabbitars was inspired by the company’s founding year, 1953. Also, their designs are inspired by Playboy’s outstanding iconography, art, and lore, with each Rabbitar created from over 175 unique traits.

Each Rabbitar has its special qualities, with some rarer than others. With these, members of the Rabbitar community can access various experiences coming from Playboy. And as mentioned earlier, the NFT avatars have their storyline – a myth to be precise.

In the myth, the Rabbitars are believed to be a rare rabbit specie with rich culture. They have exceptional intelligence, enhanced speed levels, a commendable sense of fashion, and sexual prowess, in some cases. Furthermore, they possess qualities similar to regular rabbits, including fur and ears, but they have extra features like occupation, headwear, costume, accessories, etc. 

“Distributed ledger technology is revolutionizing how fans and consumers interact with brands today,” said Jamal Dauda, Blockchain Innovation’s Vice President. “At Playboy, we’re committed to moving out of the era of merely acquiring followers and into an era of building thoughtful communities where each member has a voice. Our goal is to deliver meaningful opportunities for ownership and unique value. The Rabbitars mark the beginning of true blockchain-based membership for Playboy. Just as Playboy Club keys gave millions of members a chance to step into the sophisticated lifestyle that the Playboy brand represents, NFTs today can do the same and so much more.”

The Playboy Rabbitars were designed by Playboy’s Web3 development team in collaboration with Possible Studios and blockchain company, WENEW. Through the collab, Playboy ensured that the NFT avatars were secured on the Ethereum blockchain network as ERC-721 tokens. Also, they are hosted on the metaverse’s decentralized storage known as the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

“Playboy has a nearly 70-year history in groundbreaking contemporary art, art direction and graphic design and it all started with a playful, sophisticated rabbit, otherwise known as the Playboy Rabbit Head logo. So, when it came to visualizing the Rabbitar world, our goal was to pay homage to our legacy in the arts while tapping into the spirit of innovation upon which it was built to create something entirely new and special for the NFT community. Some of the rarest Rabbitars are inspired by iconic moments in Playboy’s art and editorial history, and nods to Playboy heritage and iconography are woven throughout the collection so that every collector can have a piece of the Playboy brand in their MetaMask wallet.” – Liz Suman – VP Art Curation & Editorial.

playboy NFTs
Playboy NFTs. Image Source: Business of Esports

What Do the Rabbitars Have to Offer?

Firstly, the Playboy Rabbitars are keys to unique experiences, especially in The Sandbox. Also, they grant Rabbitar community members exclusive access to Playboy’s archives. Apart from that, they get to enjoy iPlayboy as well as IRL & Metaverse experiences, virtual fashion events, and community giveaways.

Additionally, members of the Rabbitar community can unlock VIP access to experiences in The Sandbox. A major experience coming soon is the Playboy Metamansion. With this, players are sure to witness an experience like no other.

How To Get A Rabbitar

Currently, the Rabbitars are available for purchase on Playboy’s official website. However, fans can purchase them via the popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea. Notably, the primary sale for the Rabbitars happened in October 2021.

Playboy Rabbits
Playboy Rabbitars are special rabbit NFTs with interesting mythology. Image Source: Hypebeast

Is the Rabbitar Distribution Fair for Everyone?

During the primary sale, each Rabbitar was sold for 0.1953 ETH, and the price was fixed for every buyer. This way, the Playboy platform ensured that the process was transparent and equitable. 

However, Rabbitars 1-53 were not sold during the primary sale. This was because the platform planned to utilize them for future projects like activations and giveaways. Also, Playboy bought 69 extra Rabbitars for Playboy Centerfold Creators.

What Is the Legend of Leveretia?

The Legend of Leveretia is simply the Rabbitars’ myth. The storyline was carefully developed by the Playboy Web3 Team. In the Legend of Leveretia, several events unfold, leading to the emergence of the unique species that we recognize as Rabbitars.

“The Legend of Leveretia is the mythology of the Rabbitars, written in-house by the Playboy Web3 Team. Just as the Rabbitars’ traits are inspired by Playboy iconography and heritage, the themes and characters in the Legend of Leveretia are inspired by things that are core to Playboy’s history and DNA, including fun, freedom, and our unwavering belief that pleasure is a human right. The very first seed of inspiration for the Rabbitars’ origin story began with a rumor: that celebrity tunnels once existed beneath the Playboy Mansion. Once we connected the dots between “celebrity tunnels” and warren for (virtual) rabbits, the rest was metaverse history.” – Playboy

What Does It Mean to Own A Rabbitar and Experience Leveretia?

By owning a Rabbitar and joining the Playboy platform in Leveretia implies that you are one of the earliest witnesses of Playboy’s giant Web3 strides. Simply put, each Rabbitar is a unique key that unlocks access to all of Playboy’s blockchain potentials. These include exclusive art, metaverse experiences, fashion events, and artist collaborations.

About Playboy

As opposed to popular opinion, Playboy is more than a magazine. It is an iconic lifestyle brand that is deeply rooted in rich culture. Since its inception, the platform has followed its core values which are freedom of expression, equality, and the conviction that pleasure is a fundamental human right.

Playboy is an iconic lifestyle company that believes in freedom of expression, equality, and the right to pleasure. Image Source: Crypto news AU

Playboy has featured quite many personalities, including “writers from Hemingway & Steinbeck, artists from Warhol to Dali, and performers from Ella Fitzgerald to the Grateful Dead.” According to the platform, its slogan is no more “Entertainment for Men” but now “Pleasure for All.”

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