Wildcard Alliance

Playful Studios has unveiled Wildcard, a new fighting MOBA web3 game set in an immersive metaverse.

The studio has also raised $46 million for The Wildcard Alliance, a division within the company that will largely focus on pushing the new web3 game to greater heights. Playful Studios is a respected gaming company.

It’s known for several popular web2 games, including Lucky’s Tale and Words with Friends. However, this is the studio’s first venture into blockchain gaming.

The Wildcard Alliance: Vision and Future

According to Playful Studios, the primary role of the Wildcard Alliance is to onboard more gamers into web3. In fact, the gaming studio wants to bring “the next billion gamers” into its web3 games.

Seeing how successful Playful Studios has been in web2 gaming, it’s not a stretch to imagine it hitting major success in web3. Also, the studio says that its approach is a bit different compared to the other web3 gaming firms.

After all, Playful Studios already has a track record of developing community-driven games. Additionally, the studio has worked on Wildcard behind the scenes for around 5 years.

This product features some of the highest standards users can think of.  Nonetheless, the game is not ready yet. But a big portion of the work has already been done.

Playful Studios NFT P2E Game Wildcard
Are you ready for this game? – Image Source: Playful Studios

About Wildcard and Proposed Gameplay

Wildcard is a MOBA game. Users will choose their champions and compete in grand arenas for honors. So far, several champions are already available.

We don’t know yet if these are NFT-backed champions since these details have not been released. But based on the trend in web3 gaming, it is likely that NFTs will be a big part of Wildcard.

Also, the game will offer an exploratory adventure-style mode. Here, players will traverse the gaming metaverse, where they will collect ‘Wildcard’ creatures. The creatures can be engaged in battles too.

Additionally, Wildcard wants to make the experience much more engaging. So, even if players are not involved in the battles, they could still participate as spectators in arenas. This will be a very immersive experience powered by incredible VR and AR features.

Big Investors For Playful Studios

Wildcard is also getting backing from top brass investors. Paradigm, a venture capital firm focusing on crypto and web3 led the $46 million fundraiser. Griffin Gaming Partners and Sabrina Hahn were also part of this round.

Playful Studios has put together a stellar team of gaming veterans too. These are people with proven experience in developing triple-A games.

The creative team is also filled with the best of the best. Some of the creators have in fact worked with some massive franchises including DC Comics, Star Wars, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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