Polygon Studios has announced it is partnering with Pokémon-inspired monster NFT project MiniMetamon™.

The strategic partnership will help MiniMetamon™ expand its NFT experience and bring more web3 features into its ecosystem.

The project will also leverage Polygon Studios’ vast onboarding and branding expertise to attract more users to its collection.

MiniMetamon™: What’s the Project About?

MiniMetamon™ is a Pokémon-inspired NFT project that focuses on monster collections. The project is however looking to be more than that. It is working to develop a groundbreaking interactive ecosystem that will give users true immersion into the world of monster NFTs.

There is also a plan to add a gaming option into the overall ecosystem. The project is hoping to create a platform where users can interact with NFTs easily. MiniMetamon™ will also place a huge emphasis on environmental conservation as part of its NFT and gaming collection.

In fact, NFTs featuring endangered species will be minted. We are also learning that minting will be free of charge once the MiniMetamon™ platform launches.

Why Polygon Studios is Suited for The Project?

The Polygon network is a carbon-neutral blockchain that prides itself on sustainability. With MiniMetamon™ placing extra focus on conservation and environmental justice, launching on a carbon-neutral platform looks like a no-brainer. But there is more to gain too.

For starters, polygon is a fast and highly scalable chain. It will give MiniMetamon™ the ecosystem it needs to expand its monster NFTs and launch scalable gaming in the future. This will be possible while also keeping transaction fees low.

Besides, Polygon Studios has already been involved in the development of other metaverse and P2E gaming projects. The studio brings immense experience and technical know-how in this. It will likely help MiniMetamon™ fine-tune its NFTs and reach as many users as possible.

Also, Polygon Studio is trying to lead the way in the web3 revolution. It has the requisite team and resources needed to help MiniMetamon™ expand into web3 products in the coming months.

Why is MiniMetamon™ Unique?

The monster collection genre is relatively new in NFTs. But it’s actually very popular elsewhere. Pokémon, a monster-themed video game, has gone on to become one of the biggest franchises in video game history.

There is therefore a huge fan base for monster-related NFTs. Also, it is possible that MiniMetamon™ will have a monster-inspired P2E game in the pipeline. These details about P2E gaming are not out yet.

But by partnering with Polygon, MiniMetamon™ has access to a robust blockchain infrastructure that could easily help expand its gaming horizons. Nonetheless, the first collection of MiniMetamon™ NFTs will be available for minting in the coming weeks.

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