Project Nebula NFT

Project Nebula is an online NFT strategy game with a space theme. Players go on interstellar explorations to discover unique planets. They aim to colonize the planets. 

The same team that develops ICON Forge, an infrastructure for NFTs that run on the ICON blockchain, is behind Project Nebula. The co-founder Kaarel Sööt is a full-stack developer, and the other co-founder Holger Sundja is a marketing professional. 


Per the game story, players send their spaceships to explorations. They search for new planets. Once they find unclaimed planets, they can claim them to gain special resources. 

You can play the game on this link. 

To start playing the Project Nebula game, you first need to connect your Icon Wallet to the website. If you don’t have it already, you can download it on the ICON blockchain’s official website. For example, to download it as a browser extension, you can follow the instructions found here. 

Second, you must own a spaceship NFT. The initial spaceship NFT drop took place in November/December 2021. At the moment, you can buy them from the game’s native secondary market.

Once you acquire a ship NFT, click on the play button and choose the ‚Äúdeploy ship‚ÄĚ option from the drop-down menu.¬†

The game implements a hex-based exploration. This means, at every position, you have six possible movements. 

You need fuel to send your ship to space explorations in any direction. If you explore a hex for the first time, you need more fuel. An unexplored hex may cost 100 fuel points, for instance. But if you revisit the area, you need 89.30 fuel points.

Project Nebula Spaceships 

Spaceships have three fundamental components that show how efficient they are.

  • The Exploration shows how much fuel it costs to uncover new hexes with that particular spaceship.¬†
  • The movement shows how much fuel it takes to travel explored hexes.
  • The colonization shows the cost of colonizing a new planet.¬†

Project Nebula Planets 

Planets lie at the center of the Project Nebula game. Players can discover new planets while traveling in the game world. If they’re unclaimed, you can claim them using in-game credits. 

Project Nebula Planets
Players of Project Nebula explore different types of planets according to the gameplay.

There are three types of planets: exotic, gas, and rogue. The main difference is in the resources they contain.  

Planets provide players with resources like credit and industry points. They’re rich with resources and collections. 

Furthermore, players can find special NFT collections on the planets. These are collectible pieces of art, music, and lore. 

In addition, as a player, you can find special resources on the planets. These resources include x-13 compounds, zeta particles, quartion hybrids, and biocrystals. They help you level up in the game by decreasing fuel cost and simplifying colonization on some planets. 

While exotic planets are rich with x-13 compounds, gas planets are rich with quartion hybrids, and rogue planets are rich with zeta particles. 

The Marketplace

You can explore and trade all Project Nebula NFTs in the marketplace. At the moment, there’re three categories: spaceships, planets, and items. 

Sellers can list their NFTs with fixed prices or put them on auctions. 

To buy NFTs from Project Nebula’s marketplace, you also need Icon Wallet and fund it with Icon Coin (ICX). 

Project Nebula Marketplace
You can trade Project Nebula’s in-game assets in the NFT marketplace.

Play-to-Earn Mechanic

Players can earn hexes virtual lands in the Project Nebula universe by completing game activities. Hexes will play an important role in the upcoming crafting feature.

Furthermore, players will be able to construct stations on the hexes. They will be able to rent them to other players for profit. 

Future Steps

A recent focus of the ICON Forge and Project Nebula team was converting all in-game assets into NFTs, which were all off-chain items until recently.

The following primary deployment will be the crafting feature that will allow players to mine resources on the planets. Players will be able to use these resources to craft their own NFTs. 

Thanks to this new feature, players can even produce spaceships and sell them for profit. 

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