In the move-to-earn space, STEPN is one project you cannot do without. Thanks to its amazing projects, users can earn more rewards while keeping fit and staying healthy. With a vast community of users, the platform is committed to blending its users’ preferences with its features, upgrades, and latest developments.

Today, STEPN has announced that Rainbow Sneakers are now available in the STEPN app. The Rainbow Sneakers release is part of the platform’s plans to allow users to earn GMT tokens. Notably, STEPN had launched the GMT token earning feature in September but had not enabled the Rainbow Sneaker upgrade process.

With the recent release of the Rainbow Sneakers, users can now engage in the upgrade process. However, the main idea behind the update is to allow the community to benefit from the project. According to STEPN, its widely-spread community of users is its “biggest priority.”

Rainbow Sneakers Are Now Live on the STEPN App

STEPN has released Rainbow Sneakers into the STEPN app. As announced, users can access them through enhancements. That is, they can use a combination of pre-existing Sneakers to get their desired Rainbow Sneakers.

In an update released in September, STEPN hinted that it will be releasing Rainbow Sneakers as part of its GMT earning update. The Sneakers are in separate classes, with each having its unique qualities and well, shortcomings. Now, the Sneakers are live, and users are expected to take their chances and grab their preferred Sneakers.

Notably, GMT tokens earnings commenced on September 27. 2022. However, the recent development is open to users with Level 30 Sneakers, although non-holders of Level 30 Sneakers can upgrade theirs. To make the feature more interesting, STEPN recently organized a GMT earning contest, with a level 4 comfort gem as the prize.

STEPN $GMT Earning

Undoubtedly, STEPN is one of the best M2E platforms of our time. And this is evident in its many projects like It’s A Movement, Burger Burn Challenge, and Best Running Friends Together. With these and many more to expect, users can interact better with the platform.

The GMT token earning feature is STEPN’s way of giving back to users on a better scale. As mentioned earlier, users are expected to have Level 30 Sneakers either by upgrade or purchase. Well, it is quite obvious that Level 30 Sneakers have higher benefits than their lower-level counterparts.

“To achieve these goals, we believe a pivotal step to take is: opening up the GMT earning.” – STEPN.

Stepn GMT token
STEPN’s GMT token. Image Source: Medium

On getting Level 30 Sneakers, users can toggle between the GST and GMT earning modes. A major advantage is that both modes can support each other through a well-structured balance technique. This allows benefits on the better-performing side to reflect on the other.

According to STEPN, the GMT earning feature will create a “virtuous cycle” due to its numerous potential of being a Super app. The feature will also allow a regulated stream of utilities within the platform. Furthermore, GMT earnings are calculated cumulatively across all STEPN realms, thereby ensuring fairness within the platform.

Reactions from STEPN Users Regarding the GMT Earning Feature

The STEPN user community is always up and doing, especially with releases like the GMT earning. The recent feature sparked reactions from users with many asking if there will be a cooldown period when toggling between the GST and GMT earning modes. However, STEPN has declared that there will be no cooldown at this time.

Also, the amount of daily earnable GMT will not reduce. Rather, after exactly two years of the feature’s launch, the rate of GMT emissions will be halved. Additionally, the GMT earning rate works like “hash rates in a blockchain network,” changing dynamically every minute depending on the number of GMT earners present at the time.

The GMT Earning Pools

Notably, GMT earning comes with 4 different pools designed for all Sneaker levels. They include:

  • Classic Pool
  • Rainbow Pool
  • Rainbow Plus Pool
  • Schadenfreude Pool

The Classic Pool accommodates all Sneakers from all levels. Basically, it is designed for Classic Sneakers, which are eligible to earn a daily GMT of 20%. The Rainbow Pool, on its own, accommodates Rainbow Sneakers which are fit for 30% of daily GMT earning.

Stepn sneakers
Rainbow Sneakers are special utility Sneakers designed to enhance users’ GMT earning efficacy. Image Source: Tech in Asia

With the Rainbow Plus Pool is designed for Rainbow Plus Sneakers, which can earn up to 50% GMT daily. However, the Schadenfreude Pool accommodates Rainbow Infinite Sneakers. Details about the pool will be released in subsequent updates.

GMT Earning Sneaker Generations

While Sneakers belong to 4 pools, they are also classified under 4 generations. These are:

  • Generation 0
  • Generation 1
  • Generation 2
  • Generation 3

In detail, Classic and Rainbow Sneakers belong to Generation o and Generation 1, respectively. Similarly, Generations 2 & 3 are for Rainbow Plus and Rainbow Infinite Sneakers.

Stepn sneakers
There are 3 types of Rainbow Sneakers. They are the Rainbow Sneakers, Rainbow Plus Sneakers, and Rainbow Infinite Sneakers. Image Source: TechCrunch

The Rainbow Series Sneakers

The Rainbow Sneakers are special utility Sneakers that have equal energy consumption rates. They are all Trainers, with speeds between 1 – 20 kilometers per hour. Notably, all Sneakers in this category will not be having features like Resilience, Luck, Efficiency, or Comfort.

However, all Rainbow Sneakers will have a 100% HP. Upon exhaustion of the HP, the Sneakers will be useless. Most importantly, the rate at which the HP decreases is proportional to the energy consumption rate, which is the same for all Rainbow Sneakers.

In a bid to simplify the game, the Rainbow Sneakers will not come with the Minting, Level Up, or Repair features. But each of them will have 4 Rainbow Gem Slots. Once these Gems are fixed on the Sneakers, they can only be taken off by burning.

GMT earning
The Rainbow Sneakers also come with slots where Rainbow Gems can be fixed. Just like the Sneakers, the Gems boost GMT earning abilities. Image Source: PlayToEarn

The Rainbow Gems

To increase the GMT earning ability of Rainbow Sneakers, STEPN created the Rainbow Gems. They are special assets that are fixable into the Sneakers’ slots. Each Rainbow Sneaker comes with 4 slots.

Since they are basically created to enhance GMT earning abilities, they are not capable of upgrading the Sneakers. Also, every Gem has to be on the same level as the Sneaker on which it will be fixed. And to mint a Rainbow Gem of a particular level, 3 same-category Gems must be upgraded.

How to Get Rainbow Series Sneakers

In simple terms, users are expected to do 5-in-1 Sneaker upgrades if they are interested in getting Rainbow Series Sneakers. However, as of now, only Common and Uncommon Sneakers can be used for the Sneaker upgrades.

For a Rainbow Sneaker, users need to do a 5-in-1 Common Sneaker upgrade. This will result into a double upgrade to a Rare Sneaker; thereby increasing their chances of getting Rainbow Sneakers. Also, for a Rainbow Plus Sneaker, doing a 5-in-1 Uncommon Sneaker upgrade is required. Resultingly, a double upgrade to an Epic Sneaker will occur, increasing their chances of getting Rainbow Plus Sneakers.

Currently, the process of getting Rainbow Infinite Sneakers is unknown, as they are unavailable. Also, all Rainbow Series Sneakers cann0t be used for 5-in-1 upgrades, unlike their Common and Uncommon counterparts. Additionally, the cap for Mint>=2 is now removed.

A Quick Recap

The Sneakers are arranged in Generations because STEPN plans to unlock the pools one after another. As such, the Classic Pool will go first, allowing users to earn 20% GMT daily. Similarly, they can earn 30% and 50% GMT per day in the Rainbow and Rainbow Plus Pools.

Move-to-earn game
STEPN is a M2E platform that rewards users for participating in fitness activities. Image Source: InsideBitcoins

The Rainbow Pool plus the 5-in-1 Common Sneaker upgrade will be launched together. Likewise, the 5-in-1 Uncommon Sneaker upgrade and the Rainbow Plus pool will be launched simultaneously. Additionally, details about the Schadenfreude Pool and the Rainbow Infinite Sneakers will be communicated in due time.


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