Raini The Lords Of Light TCG Is Testing Alpha - Official Confirmation

You may put your strategy abilities to the test against other players in Raini’s highly anticipated competitive trading card game, The Lords of Light. Join forces with your favorite crypto-legends and mythological creatures to take control of the universe in a war for supremacy.

To create one-of-a-kind NFTs, you’ll need to get your hands on The Lords of Light Genesis Drop’s most sought-after card packs. Build a strong deck with these cards or sell them on OpenSea or the Raini BSC Marketplace for a profit.

$PHOTON tokens, which may be used to improve your power or sold for real-world money, are earned by playing rare and strong cards that overwhelm the opponents’ decks.

What’s the point of working if you can earn money playing video games?

About Raini 

The Lords of Light is the working title. Players in the game will assume the character of one of the seven Lords of Light. Commanding armies of legendary monsters and crypto legends in fights against other Lords to seize the Rainbow Gem as their own and rescue the world.

They wanted to provide a quality and polish that is seldom seen in the crypto world and guarantee that the game is delightful to play. They assembled a highly experienced team of artists and engineers to achieve that aim. And we can’t wait to share more information about what we’ve been working on. So, without further ado…

Each Lord and card will have a designated color. Lords, creatures, and weapons will all be imbued with a chance to trigger their respective color’s tribal ability whenever they attack an enemy creature.

These cards will gain experience in ranked games and level up when they successfully attack and kill their opponents. As the level of difficulty increases, so does the value of the knowledge acquired by defeating more strong foes and through victories in games with higher ranks.

Raini, The Lords Of Light TCG, Is Testing Alpha

There is no doubt that Raini’s team will continue to develop even during the current cryptocurrency down market. As a result, Raini is pleased to announce that they can now allow members of the RTLOL community to get more involved in the game’s development process.

Apply for the Alpha phase of Raini: The Lords of Light’s TCG and help design and launch one of the finest games the blockchain world has ever seen!

Raini The Lords Of Light TCG Is Testing Alpha - Official Confirmation

Closed Alpha testing for RTLOL will begin with Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase 1 — Closed Alpha Since last Friday, the 3rd of June, the Raini team has been working together as a single unit. They comprised moderators as well as strategic partners and VCs. Around 10–15 people now participate in testing. But, that number is expected to expand in several weeks or months.

Phase 2 — The second phase of the project, known as community alpha, is underway. A call for general applications is now available, with start dates set at the end of this month (June 2022). Although we won’t limit participation, we’ll prioritize candidates who have supported Raini or are likely to provide us with high-quality and high-volume feedback.
Please fill out the attached application form if you’d want to participate in Phase 2 Alpha testing.

Future phase — Future phases, including closed beta, open beta, complete game, and PHOTON Token Launch, is now slated to be completed by the end of Q3, 2022.

However, they are concurrently constructing a broader Metaverse experience that will include the RTLOL TCG. In this Metaverse game, players can utilize infused NFTs to increase their earnings of $PHOTON.

For your convenience, Infused NFTs will be sent to qualifying wallets before the RTLOL. Metaverse experience or the $PHOTON token become live.

New Card Reveal 

Aurora, the last teaser card for the second drop, is now available!

  • Classification: Rainbow Spell of the Mythic Rainbow
  • Play Cost: Colorless Gems: 4 and 3 Rainbow Gems: 3
  • Game Text: All allied minions acquire an additional 30 Power and 30 HP for the rest of the game. Which may be used to attack the enemy.

A Mythic card, Aurora, is one of two in this drop. RTLOL’s colorful skyline is a common theme in Raini folklore, which is valid here. For the remainder of the game, Aurora will grant its owner a +30 Power and -30 HP minion boost, making it an excellent card in any deck that can run it.

To reiterate, stats and effects are still subject to change.

Once your time has come, relax and enjoy the ride! You may see their most recent Spaces AMA, moderated by Ayu and co-founder Artkin. The co-founder of Mindspheres will be doing an AMA in the coming week or two. Any social media outlets would be great places for you to ask us questions.

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