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Axie Infinity has confirmed that Raylights, its first-ever land mini-game, is now live.  The game represents a huge step in expanding the Axie Infinity ecosystem with more exciting games.  It is also a major move in unlocking more utility for landowners in Lunacia.

Raylights was first announced during this year’s AxieCon event in Barcelona.  To celebrate the launch, Axie Infinity has also announced two major competitions where winners stand a chance of winning additional land NFTs.  More on this later in the post.

Axie Infinity’s Raylights: What it Means?

Over the last two years, Axie Infinity has been working hard to diversify the user experience in its ecosystem.

Although the idea of fighting cute pet monsters in PvP battles is still popular, Sky Mavis wants to make the game more than that.  This is why it worked so hard to launch the Ronin Network.

The announcement of Axie Infinity Raylights is now the most important step in achieving this goal.  It is one way to give users infinite experiences related to their Axies.

Also, Axie Infinity notes that Raylights is a good demonstration of how Axie NFTs can be used to unlock more utility and experiences in the world of Lunacia.

In fact, the game notes that the mini-game won’t be the last such experience.  Sky Mavis and the team will continue to find ways to add more diversity in experiences for Axie Infinity fans worldwide.

Raylights is a collaborative project between Sky Mavis and Quicksave Interactive, a team of Finnish game developers with a strong interest in web3.

Raylights: Gameplay Details and Tips

For now, Raylights will only be available for landowners in Lunacia.  The mini-game has three key dimensions.  Users are encouraged to sow minerals, cultivate their plots, and grow various plants.  Here is a breakdown of all three aspects:

Axie Infinity Alpha Guide
Raylights is the first-ever land mini-game in Lunacia. Image Source: Axie Infinity on Substack.

Cultivating Land

So, to understand why land cultivation is important, we must go back to the creation of the World of Lunacia.  The Raylights mini-game starts at the beginning of Lunacia.

This means that the Axies are new to this world, and as such, they must find ways to survive, including learning how to toil and cultivate the land.  As such, the first thing in cultivation is sowing minerals.

There are about ten different minerals available, each with its own benefits.  The goal for landowners is to sow the right combination of minerals so that their land can thrive.

In fact, the more the land thrives, the more users will be able to unlock more minerals and various combinations as well.

The Seedling Nursery

Once minerals are sowed, the plants will need a perfect environment to grow.  This is where the idea of building seedling nurseries in Raylights comes in.

Raylights game
Raylights allows users to use minerals to plant and grow plants on their lands. Image Source: Axie infinity on Substack

Each nursery is built using a combination of minerals.  This combination then determines what kind of plants can be grown there and just how good they will be.  Additionally, all nurseries will be taken care of by axies.

In that case, once a user has added minerals, he or she will be required to choose an Axie from their collection to work there.  Sky Mavis has made this process so simple.  In fact, it is more of a drag-and-drop kind of thing.

After the seedlings are planted, a timer will appear on the screen.  The timer simply indicates the amount of time left before the seedlings can be transferred to the plots.

Types of Minerals in Raylights

As noted above, Raylights has ten different minerals.  These minerals occur naturally on land.  They are sowed and then used to grow plants in nurseries.

The ten minerals here include Aqua, Beastium, Edentine, Amber, Serpentine, Aerium, Solar, Obsidian, Mechanium, and Citrine.

Now, when you start the game, you will only have limited access to just three minerals.  These will be Aqua, Edentine, and Beastium.

Raylights features 10 different minerals each available at different levels of cultivation. Image Source: Axie Infinity on Substack

But as you progress further, more and more minerals in the list above become available for use.  Also, the type of plant you grow on land depends entirely on the minerals.

Some mineral combinations may yield rare plants, while others get you just the common ones.  Either way, it’s all an experimental process designed to make the World of Lunacia fun.

Win Land in 2 Competitions

Axie Infinity will launch two competitions to mark the official release of Raylights.  The competitions will run concurrently, and users stand to win Land NFTs.

Land game on Axie
Axie Infinity has announced two competitions to mark the launch of Raylights. Image Source: Axie Infinity on Substack.

The first competition is called “Most Worlds Firsts”.  Here, users are encouraged to try and unlock as many world firsts as possible.  The first winner will get a Maker DAO Bronze land item, while the second and third runners-up get a Kyber Network land item each.

The second competition is the “Most Aesthetic & Creative Plot”.  As the name suggests, this competition rewards players with the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing land plot in Lunacia.

Entries will be judged by the Axie Art Gallery Team and Sky Mavis.  As for the rewards, the first winner gets a Tanuki land item.  The second and third runners-up will be rewarded with a CoinGecko land item each.  All entries to the two competitions must be submitted by October 21st.

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