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The day all Sorare fans have been waiting for is finally here. As earlier promised, Sorare Global Cup is now live as the 2022 World Cup starts in Qatar.

The Global Cup is a huge milestone for the Paris-based web3 fantasy sports platform. It’s the first time we are experiencing a world cup in Sorare’s history.

Based on the efforts put into the Global Cup, we can expect more exciting experiences from Sorare in future World Cup tournaments.

Why is Sorare’s Global Cup Important?

The importance of the Sorare Global Cup is both symbolic and practical. From a symbolic point of view, Sorare simply wants to be part and parcel of the world cup.

After all, the fantasy sports platform has a huge soccer following in its ecosystem. Sorare Football is by far the biggest brand under the Sorare umbrella, albeit Sorare NBA and Sorare MLB are growing.

Considering that the World Cup is the biggest event in soccer, it makes sense that Sorare football will want to be part of it.

As for practicality, Sorare simply wants to keep its fans engaged all through the tournament. The normal football leagues are now on a break.

Instead of just sitting idly by while a global soccer bonanza is underway, Sorare simply felt it needed to take that magic of the world cup and bring it to the Sorare ecosystem.

Sorare Global Cup: Free to Enter

One thing that makes the Sorare Global Cup an amazing experience for most fans is that it’s free to enter. You don’t need to buy any cards to set up your team. Just open an account, confirm your email, and draft.

The good news is that there are a ton of amazing goodies to win. While the tournament’s overall winner will get a chance to meet Zinedine Zidane in Paris, there are still a ton of other great prizes.

From weekly crypto rewards, signed jerseys, and matchday tickets to a football match of your choice, there is so much to gain from the global cup.

Please note that there will be a few changes to how Sorare conceptualizes gameweeks. You can read more on this in our post here.

Private Leagues Taking Shape

We have also seen incredible amounts of new private leagues created for this year’s Global Cup. Private leagues are personalized leagues allowing users to compete with folks known to them.

However, these leagues can sometimes become quite huge. Sorare has made it clear that it wants more and more folks to create private leagues and invite as many people as possible.

The web3 fantasy sports platform is actually incentivizing this with a series of promos. Private leagues have also attracted global soccer superstars. Gerard Pique, the Spanish and Barcelona defender, was among the first soccer stars to invite fans to his private league.

But it did not end there. We also saw the same thing from Rio Ferdinand, the former Manchester United and England defender. The winner of Rio’s private league will get tickets to a Manchester United game at Old Trafford.

The private leagues are, however, not just limited to soccer stars. Anyone can create these leagues and enjoy the magic of the Qatar World Cup with friends.

Why The Global Cup Is a Big Plus for Sorare

The platform has seen significant success in the four years that Sorare has been in business. With over 2 million players spread across more than 185 countries, it is by far the biggest fantasy sports platform in web3.

However, the Sorare team still sees a lot of potential in expanding its user base. In fact, the platform has been working to establish partnerships with some of the leading football leagues in the world in an effort to attract new users.

The Sorare Global Cup will keep everyone busy during the World Cup in Qatar. Image Source: Medium

The Qatar World Cup gives the web3 platform a chance to bring its game to millions of new users. The World Cup is such an important global event. It is covered in nearly all countries. It’s also the one moment in four years that football fans come together.

With such a huge audience, Sorare is looking to capitalize on the increasing popularity of fantasy sports to expand its reach. Whether this will work remains to be seen. But it is clear that the Sorare team has put significant effort into making the Global Cup a success.

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