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Alpha League Racing and Revenant are now gaming partners and P2E gamers should be thrilled.

Revenant is a gaming platform that pays users real money for playing games. The company has recently partnered with Alpha League Racing and it gives Revenant a chance to prove that the platform does not just pay gamers for playing games, but that it also offers a thrilling experience worth investing gamers’ time on.

Revenant is the first decentralized gaming platform on Metis, which is an ecosystem for gamers, game developers, and investors. Through Revenant, you can earn $GAMEFI tokens while you play and trade with other players. The company brings together some of the most exciting aspects of the blockchain space: gaming and cryptocurrency. The platform also provides a way for players to earn money while playing games, as well as allows developers to monetize their games through tokenization. Developers can also crowdfund their projects directly through the platform.

The partnership is a first of its kind and will enable both companies to reach new audiences and engage with their fans in new ways. It’s actually a big step forward for both companies: Alpha League Racing will be able to use Revenant’s technology to expand its reach into new markets across the world; meanwhile, Revenant will benefit from having access to Alpha League Racing’s existing player base. It is expected that this collaboration will increase the number of active users on Revenant’s platform which will increase their revenue and help them grow as a company.

Earning Potential of The Partnership

The Alpha League Racing program is designed to provide an alternative way for gamers to earn extra money from their favorite pastime. The platform allows players to earn points by playing games and participating in challenges, which can then be exchanged for rewards like gift cards and cash.

With this partnership, Revenant is able to provide the best tools for gamers to earn money playing games while Alpha League Racing has access to an engaged audience that can help create more P2E games that are worth people’s time.

P2E gamers can get a chance to learn about earning potential in the game by joining the live Twitter Spaces of Alpha League Racing  and Revenant on July 13 at 6 pm BST / 1 pm EST.  More details about the partnership and what’s to come will be discussed.

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