Revomon 1.7 update

The latest version of the online monster trainer RPG game Revomon will have exclusive updates that will make the game more exciting and challenging. The beta update is supposed to be out by the end of February 2022. This update promises exciting new features along with new Revonoms. The latest update, 1.7 will have a new route, a new city, and new Revomons. Apart from enjoying the game, the players can also win real rewards that include money.

The synergy in the game allows creating real value in a virtual world by using blockchain technology. In the Metaverse, players can socialize with each other while hunting for wild Revomons in the various maps.

In the game, the players can also enjoy VR experiences that include grabbing, throwing, shooting and free movement. However these disruptive innovations can only be possible with the help of

  • Blockchain technology like NFT
  • Play to earn feature
  • Community governance
Revomon cosmetics
Revomon cosmetics

The 1.7 beta update of Revomons, has added various new features, new maps and PVP modes. Along with these features, the game has also introduced many new Revomons. Revonoms are small monsters or creatures which can be caught on the islands in the game. You can battle these creatures to win the awards or trade them in the NFT market of the game.

The Common Revomons include:

  • Soleel| type: water- earth| scarcity: common
  • Soleel |type: water-earth |scarcity: common
  • Doubeel |type: water-earth |scarcity: common
  • Triplydra |type: water-earth |scarcity: common
  • Caracell |type: bug |scarcity: common
  • Snattery |type: bug-electric |scarcity: common
  • Eschargot |type: bug-electric |scarcity: common

The Rare Revomon that will be available after the update is:

  • Fawneel |type: twilight-metal |scarcity: rare
  • Buckalloy |type: twilight-metal |scarcity: rare
  • Mirrate |type: time-metal |scarcity: rare
  • Miraflect |type: bug-draconic |scarcity: rare
  • Floatiloch |type: water |scarcity: rare |Exclusive Eggomon
  • Raftnesse |type: water |scarcity: rare |Exclusive Eggomon

What are the various updates you get in the 1.7 update? 

Once you download the latest update, you get to notice a lot of new features. Old bugs have been fixed and many new Revomons have been added. With the latest update, the winter theme of the previous update has been removed. The players will also notice an improvement in the graphic quality of the game and the characters. 

Some of the important ones are:

  • The boat to reach Arktos Village has been removed from the position to the first city, Drassius down.
  • The graphics quality of the male and female hero models have been updated.
  • Battle system refactoring: With the latest update, 90% of all the attacks are now fixed. The remaining 10% will depend on the step by step fixing which would be conducted by the game community.
  • Spawn block protection: Now whatever you throw using your slingshot will go through any of the non-wild Revomon.
  • New wild Revomon will spawn instantly after the initiation of the wild battle. So, you do not have to wait longer for the battle to end to collect the wild Revomons.
  • Lock system updated: The spawn lock system will only be switched on if the Revomons belong to the following realities: legendary, rare, shiny.
  • Wild Revomon Spawn: The spawn lock has now been set to 25 seconds for all the game maps.
  • The NPC battle cooldown has been updated now to set up to 7 days which was previously 1 day.
  • Character Size Fix: With the latest patch, Now all the players have the same size. The VR character size has been adjusted to always be viewed in a standing position in the game even if you are lying down.
  • You can also use a center button from your controller to adjust the height of the characters if needed.
  • AppLab Submission: This will be a part of the next patch. Discussion is going on with the Oculus Dev discord.

The New Friend Request System

With the latest update, the game has also added a friend request system.

  • The current friend list has been deleted. So, every player can start properly by adding new friends.
  • The latest update allows the player to remove any friend at any time. However, this will remove any ties or synergy with the player. This player will no longer have the ability to teleport you, and you will no longer see them in your friend list.

Latest Update on the Monthly and Compensation Airdrop

Along with all the features and the new additions, there has been an update to the monthly and compensation airdrop. Characters and variables from the 1.6 update have been removed from the monthly and compensation airdrop.

  • All the top tier holders are eligible for the monthly airdrop which will take place on the 1st of March 2022.
  • All the veteran players owning diamond hats NFT, the elite and master tiers will get a Tropical Top Hat as a reward. If you do not belong to these top tiers, it is time you get your $ REVO bag.
  • Compensation airdrop will be available from the 3rd of March 2022. Due to technical issues, Revomons like Reingifir and Spectreat will not be available in the Eggomon pool. Therefore the developers are compensating all the current owners of the original Spectreat and Reingifir with multiple collector outfits dedicated to their collector monsters. The collector outfits include:
  1. Reingifir’s gift
  2. Shiny Reingifir Gift
  3. Spectreat’s gift
  4. Shiny Spectreat’s gift

Revomon: An Overview

Revomon is an exciting VR game in the new Metaverse. This game combines an immersive virtual reality experience along with groundbreaking technology using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

 It is one of the few games that rewards participation, therefore no effort is wasted. Therefore, the users can enjoy the game, socialize with people and earn money.

Revomon Has the Following Features:

  • The game uses ERC – 721 NFT to safeguard all the digital assets on the metaverse platform. This allows the customers to claim ownership of the things they possess in the game.
  • Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO): Revomon has an updated mechanism that helps the metaverse platform function transparently and equally for each member.
  • The game also offers a feature where the players can stack their tokens for passive revenue. They can use the staking and farming service to assist them to optimize their income in the game.

What has the game achieved in the last 2 months?

Revomon Achievements

Latest quickly summarize what the game has achieved in the first two months of 2022. The developers have worked hard and got a lot of contacts which allowed the game to enter the big stage. During January, Revomon recorded ATH in terms of daily unique players of about 426. The trading volume of NFT has reached about $900 B&B on the refinable marketplace.

According to the recent news report, the game has 60,000 plus installs on SideQuest. As recorded on the 3rd of Feb, the game has about 1,000 unique connected users on the Dapo. Due to the increase in popularity of the game, it has about 55,000 followers on Twitter.

Revomon’s partnership with Binance?

Binance’s incubation program known as the MVB has selected Revomon as their top candidate whom they are going to support. With the help and support from Binance, the game will benefit in the following ways:

  • The Game Can Organize private events
  • Mentorship and support
  • Potential funds and potential listing.

What were the salient features of the 1.6 update?

The game received the 1.6 updates on the 23rd of December 2021. The silent features of the update include:

  • The addition of Arktos Village. It is a temporary open village that can be accessed by players taking the boat. Exclusive premium Revomons will spawn in this location and won’t be catchable during the rest of the year.
  • You can catch a Froastoast In this village.
  • The average Revomon level is between 10 to 15
  • The players can take the ship at Cinvia Harbour to travel to the village.
  • The 1.6 updates also included several challenges from the NPC present on the routes.
  • Addition of Winter Wonderland which is a collector item for the veterans owning diamond hats, Elite and Master tier.
  • Addition of 11 new Revomons and one wearable
  • The battle mode system has been refracted, and it includes new features like the 2 V2 battle mode.

Final Verdict

The latest Revonom update has a lot of unique features and maps which will be appreciated by the VR gaming community.  The game offers an NFD marketplace where the players can buy characters at any time. The improvement in the technology incorporated in this gaming environment is truly one of the best. This is why Revonom has attracted new partners and many are still knocking on the doors.

What do you think about the latest update? Let us know in the comments below.


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