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The concept of earning through fitness has been in trend for quite some time. After the first move-to-earn game was released, several gaming studios released apps with a similar structure. 

Soon it becomes one of the leading recreational genres in the web3 industry. One such recent release is RunBlox. With its extensive growth potential and constant updates, it’s safe to say this fitness app is destined for success.

About RunBlox

RunBlox is a move-to-earn NFT game that is set in the fictional and magical universe called BloxVerse. This project is the first of many that OpenBlox will launch in the future. It functions on the Avalanche blockchain and has gained over 40k followers before its official release. 

The theme of this fitness app is similar to that of the famous game StepN. Players have to purchase NFTs sneakers and work on upgrading them via exercise. As you invest more time in outdoor physical activities, you get the chance to earn in-game crypto-tokens

In-Game Currencies

There are two cryptocurrencies that RunBlox currently features: $RUX and $OBX. The former is the token that players will be mainly dealing with, but let’s get into it in a moment. $OBX is a governance token for the project. 

Such cryptocurrencies allow owners to vote on the development and management of the blockchain. Moreover, you can stake this within the game to reap long-term benefits

The main cryptocurrency of RunBlox is the $RUX coin. Users need to spend their time jogging, running, or walking in order to earn RUX tokens for their accounts. Once accumulated enough, these tokens allow players to perform basic operations for their NFT Sneakers. 

Image Of RunBlox NFT Sneakers
RunBlox NFT Sneakers – image source:

You can upgrade your NFTs to higher levels if you invest enough time in the game. Moreover, you can use RUX coins to mint new NFTs if you wish to expand your collection.

This move-to-earn game enables the trade of digital sneakers within the community. You can either sell your NFT or lease it in the in-game marketplace. 

Since the game is currently in Beta Testing, updates are constantly coming to both the platform and the mobile app. According to the RunBlox Roadmap, a wearable version of the app of the game is expected to come out in late 2022.  

Exciting Recent Updates

On July 22, RunBlox announced a “Major Upgrade” maintenance of almost 10 hours. A long-awaited feature was addressed in this upgrade. After the Beta Launch of the project, OpenBlox finally added an in-game wallet feature for the game. 

Initially, this move-to-earn game was using Metamask, a popular crypto-wallet for several dApps (decentralized apps). Metamask collaborates with different gaming studios and enables players to store their crypto-assets safely. You can conduct NFT trade or crypto-token transactions via this platform. 

Metamask mainly deals with the Ethereum blockchain and is one of the significant pillars of the web3 gaming industry. 

Nevertheless, RunBlox took a giant step forward with the new wallet built into its app. Runners can now trade NFTs independently of third parties, which is extremely convenient. It is possible to conduct all in-game transactions through the app. 

The existing users will also gain a secondary benefit from this. It is no longer necessary to provide an email ID to log in to the RunBlox app. This eliminates the hassle of requiring an ID verification whenever you want to access the game. 

It’s just a matter of signing in to your wallets, and you’re ready to play! 

Setting Up Your Wallet

While the good news is indeed worth celebrating, it is also imperative you transfer all your assets from the Metamask wallet as soon as possible.


New players just need to register to the RunBlox app and set up their wallets. However, the existing players have some work to do.  

  1. Start by updating or downloading the new version of this move-to-earn app. 
  2. You will now need to create a new wallet within the app and carefully note the wallet address. Make sure your wallet ID is accurate.  This is because a single mistake could result in losing all your assets to a stranger. 
  3. Next, log in to your profile from the “My Account” tab in the RunBlox Marketplace. If you had any NFTs in your previous wallet, a button with the text “Migrate” will show up.
  4. In order to request the transfer, all you need to do is visit the Migrate page and type in your correct wallet address.
  5. Finally, approve the relocation of your crypto-assets using the MetaMask app. 

Do not forget to verify if the migration of all the NFT sneakers and RUX coins was successful. Contact the app authorities immediately if there is an error during the process. 

Move-To-Earn Games: Why RunBlox?

Image Of RunBlox
RunBlox App Is Now Available – image source:

As the web3 games are taking over the gaming industry, the move-to-earn genre is quickly getting popular. However, unlike other play-to-earn themes, MTE provides users with an opportunity to earn through a healthier lifestyle

The structure of this gaming category allows maximum earning potential for its users with high levels of convenience. For example, walking enthusiasts can now make money for their hobby if they simply turn on the game. Additionally, users who want to adopt a healthier lifestyle have a strong incentive to do so.

The Metaverse industry is home to many games like RunBlox. This OpenBlox project offers its users a platform to improve their lifestyle without requiring any investment

Additionally, the app is part of the BloxVerse. It is a fictional universe created by OpenBlox to support several other projects and apps in development. Even though it is the studio’s first release, many players have already downloaded RunBlox.

It’s safe to assume that the game’s quality and features will only improve over time. Thus, we anticipate how other move-to-earn titles will deal with their incoming strong competitor

Can RunBlox compete with them, or will it disappear into the endless sea of games?

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