RunBlox is a move-to-earn game built on OpenBlox – a digital world of magic and dragons. The Runblox app is a Web3 App through which users track their physical activity, such as walking, jogging, or running, and get rewards as RUX tokens based on these activities.

“…the runners from the six races gathered here. Under their awe-inspiring eyes, the Prophet spoke slowly, “You will be in the company of runners and create the energy of running together with your fellows in the other world. I ask you to bring this great energy back to Pradesh.” Runblox.


A loot box is a longstanding way to offer players the chance to win sought-after items in video games. These items can be tools, clothes, or something that helps them advance, like a new character or piece of equipment.

Unlike purchasing NFTs on the marketplace, players don’t know the item they’ll receive before the transaction. Players will always receive something when they open the box, but like “pass the parcel,” it’ll come as a surprise.

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Runblox is a Web3 app that motivates and rewards runners. Image credit: Medium

Players can access the loot box via the following route:

  • Validity period
The page will prompt the user if the current LootBox is still valid.
Players must open the LootBox  before its expiry time.
If the user fails to open the LootBox before expiry, the LootBox will close automatically. 
  • Opening cost
To open a LootBox, you will need to pay a certain amount of RUX as an opening fee.
  • Rewards

There will be a 50% chance of getting either 1% RUX or double the opening cost of each LootBox.

Why A Winning LootBox?

It is a Winning LootBox because there is always a winning opportunity for each LootBox. The campaign will end when every prize is won. Winning awards can be in different ways, such as :

  • Double Rewards
  • Token Pool Prices
  • 1% RUX (But a white-listed slot).


Runners earn points the more energy they contribute to the app. Image Credit: Runblox


The campaign claims there is always an opportunity to win and has partnered with multiple projects to secure white-listing slots.

The Prizes

Token Pool

The token pool prizes are released daily and will be released at UTC 12:00–14:00 each day, with 10% chance of dropping on the first day, increasing by 10% to 100% on alternate days.

Whitelist prizes

Whitelisting is a common practice in the NFT world.

In the world of NFTs, whitelisting describes a crypto wallet address and is pre-approved for minting on NFTs on specified dates and times. Whitelisting also allows NFT projects to reward early users with guaranteed slots for them to mint an NFT – possibly multiple NFTS). The practice also allows supporters to avoid “gas wars”, which is when multiple people try to mint NFTs at the same time, driving up transaction prices.

Runblox is offering those with pre-approved access to spread their mints without transacting them at the same time and avoid price spikes.

There is also a whitelist special slot, and will also be updated daily. User rewards are 1% RUX and will be awarded whitelist rights. The winners are recorded in chronological order from the time of the start of the event and it is possible for users to be whitelisted multiple times, depending on the chronological order of opening boxes. This event will close when all the whitelist slots are taken.

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NFT shoes upgrade as players earn more tokens. Image Credit: Runblox

Runblox Move To Earn

The introduction of Winning Lootboxes incentivises players over short bursts, as the opportunity to win prizes will close after the limited time. As a move to earn game, Runblox offers the opportunity to get fit and earn extra cash.  Similar to StepN in its concept, players purchase NFT sneakers and advance to rarer models through recorded physical activity.

The team at OpenBlox are trying to unite the digital existent of their users in the metaverse with the reality of their physical lives. As P2E Diary writer Jack writes:

“A lot of people, as soon as they wake up in the morning, reach for their phones before they even think about checking in with themselves and seeing how they’re doing. It’s very simple to become emotionally detached from the actual world around you.” – P2E

You can read more about Runblox lootboxes as analysed by Jack here.

An Exciting Campaign To Mix Things Up

The launch of Lootboxes was an exciting development for this move to earn game, and as a result the Winning Lootboxes campaign has been launched to further reward hardworking runners. Players taking part also have the opportunity to get the whitelist chance to four amazing projects: Aniborgz, akidcalledbeast, MafiaDogsNFT, MutantGobz.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to run, play and earn! Everyone needs motivation to get fit, and Runblox is supporting its users through prizes to do just that.

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